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Substitute for Olive Oil

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Everywhere I look for healthy diets and healthy fats its olive oil this and olive oil that. Well olive oil, even the smell of it, literally makes me ill. Is there any not too drastically expensive substitute for olive oil that has somewhat the same benefits?



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By Ed N A.05/14/2012

I use sweet almond oil.

By Alex (Guest Post)02/08/2009

I reccomend you to try Spanish Olive Oil. Depeding on the olive variety does not smell strong at all, and has a great taste and quality. Spain is the biggest producer of Olive Oil, producing 2.5 times more than Italy, and having a huge tradition on its production and quality.

By f (Guest Post)01/14/2009

Whatever you do, do not buy cheap olive oil, and especially oil that is not marked as 'extra virgin'. The best is the one that is cold pressed. Much olive oil that is sold is made with poor quality olives and chemically processed. That would explain the strong smell that many hate. I love olive oil, but I dislike strong smelling ones. Also, olive oil, even the best one, gets rancid when it is kept in a sunlit environment. Keep it in a cabinet, and do not buy a lot, because it will go bad if you keep it for a long time, no matter what. This for those of you who don't like strong smelling olive oil. For those who cannot stand olive oil, period, the best bet is canola oil: cheap and good for you, with polyunsaturated fats and omega three. I use both oils. And I am Italian :-)

By (Guest Post)01/14/2009

I have bought grapeseed oil before and liked it. As for the olive oil its not a case of simply not liking the smell, it literally makes me throw up.

By Karen R. (Guest Post)01/14/2009

Grapeseed Oil is great and is about the same price as olive oil. It does not have the strong odor or taste but all of the same benefits. I like olive oil but will use grapeseed when I do not want the flavor of olive oil affecting my food.

By (Guest Post)01/14/2009

My doctor recommended canola oil. I use it, I like it better than olive oil and it's much cheaper.

By Carol01/14/2009

I know what you mean with the Olive Oil. Some brands smell stronger than others. I live in France and a good chef here told me to use Grapeseed Oil. I absolutely LOVE it! No smell, healthy and can actually be used at higher temperatures than Olive Oil.

By Grandma J [46]01/13/2009

A few things, you must refrigerate the olive oil or the flavor changes. There are so many flavors and kinds of OO to choose from. I started using a margarine/butter spread that is part OO and canola. Does that taste like butter!
As you gradually try new things, you find out what works and what doesn't. Darker OO had a deeper stronger flavor. Lighter is great as it as less flavor. Each level of OO has different health properties as well. The more refined, the less healthy benefits.
I use canola ONLY if it states oil in the mix for required baking needs. I always use OO in my homemade breads calling for margarine, butter, etc. It changes the texture in the bread. I make the communion bread for our congregation and OO is all that is called for in the elements as well as swathing them after baking. And there is NO after flavor so no one knows what is used.
You can get OO in the spray cans in the baking isle too now. And if you like to blend yours for flavor, do so. BUT keep it in the fridge!

By Anna [16]01/08/2009

Thanks, I thought maybe canola oil would be good. It is 90% of Subway's olive oil blend after all.
As for not noticing the price of the walnut oil, trust me, I would.

By (Guest Post)01/07/2009

Hello! Thank you for this. I do not like Olives and therefore I can taste when food has been cooked in Olive oil. I use Canola oil most of the time when it calls for Olive Oil.

By Dee [1]01/07/2009

I've used Walnut's expensive, but you use so little of it that you won't notice the price. For some reason, it doesn't absorb in the food like other oils. Oh -- I just read the other day that they've NOW have a study that says canola oil is as good as olive oil! Hang in there, one of these days they'll decide butter is GOOD for us! LOL

By Lisa [62]01/07/2009

Flax seed oil is wonderful but it cant be heated though is great for salads or where you would use oil you wouldn't heat up.

A holistic nutritionist also told me coconut oil is best to cook with for health reasons (the hard white stuff that comes in a glass jar). She uses it for everything including frying things & baking.

Sadly, these two oils aren't cheap, though coconut oil can be found more cheaply in mediterranean stores.

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