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Trivia Questions for a Baby Shower

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I need some good trivia questions for a baby shower. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thank you.

By Mara from Seattle


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By mara [5]08/17/2010

Thanks to you both!

By Teri Van Hecke [7]08/17/2010

Other questions:
Where is the baby being delivered?
What name(s) are they considering?
What's daddy's middle name? Mommy's middle name?

(this isn't easy!) Good luck to all!

By Antoinette [5]08/16/2010

We always do trivia on the mom and dad and on the baby -What is Mom planning on painting blue in the nursery? How did Dad react when he found out the sex of the baby? Where was Mom born, etc.

This game is always hilarious and often you learn things it never would have occurred to you to ask, plus it lets mom share some memories, the expectant mother helps plan the questions and provides all the answers.

By Suntydt [75]08/12/2010

My mother presented this game at 2 baby showers and it was a hit at both.

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