My Head Sweats a Lot

I am embarrassed by this but my "head" sweats a lot, usually when I'm out in public buying groceries just walking in the mall window shopping or cooking dinner. The doctors I've seen say it is menopause. Ha! It is getting worse every year and last year I had a complete hysterectomy. My hair stays soaked and the sweat feel "slimy" with no odor (thank God). Anyone have a remedy? I just don't want to go out anymore,


Karen from West Virginia

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OMG I am so glad I looked this up again. I found some relief. I am a retired beautician and have an idea to help. I used Sea Breeze on customers who suffered from psoriasis, full strength to the effected area. That usually worked well for them, especially until their stress calmed down. Since it is a scalp treatment, I tried it on my sweaty head. I don't carry it around with me, but at home I have a narrow top squeeze bottle that I use close to my scalp. This astringent helps close pores and refreshes the scalp. It does smell medicinal, but that's what it is and that usually fades away.

I am amazed at how many of US there are. I've had this situation forever. Have all the symptoms everyone has described. My Mother & her sisters had it too. I'm 61 went through menopause at 40, had a hysterectomy after 50, am boarder-line diabetic, over weight, have osteoporosis/arthritis, take medications, have crohns disease (an iliostomy) and have been very stressed out. (Recently loosing 4 family members in 3 years, including my husband & son and had to sell my parent's estate). I'm hoping that since these devastations are now over, perhaps my sweat head will subside. I usually tell everyone I am "allergic to humidity" and barely get through summer. I think we should have a support club, "The Sweat Heads". Take care everyone. Sue from Ohio

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I am so happy that people are talking about this I thought that I was the only one that had this problem, I don't have to do nothing and my head and neck and face just drip I get so embarrassed it is a all year around problem I can't do my hair or do my make up cause it just sweats off so anytime I am seen it is with my hair up and no make up, I can't wear a heavy coat or hat or sweaters in the winter and sometimes I even have to roll the window down in the car in the winter (my poor family).

I am a little over weight and have a thyroid problem but this started before I became over weight. If I go to the gym I am dripping wet by the time I leave and humiliated. I have been to the doctor the dermatologist the neurologist and they say there is nothing that they can do one of the dermatologist told me that they would have to cut my head off to solve the problem. If anyone has any ideas I am open to anything. I clean peoples houses for a living and let me tell you it is very, very embarrassing by the time I am done cause I am soaked.

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I am 47 I have had this problem for about 9 - 10 years now but in that time I have been a bit over weight and I have always enjoyed a drink after work. 4 weeks ago I started a Healthy diet stopped the drinking. There has been a definite improvement My head sweats are still there but there is a 30 to 40% improvement. So I think the answer is change your lifestyle. Cut out booze fatty foods and get more exercise.

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I am embarrassed by this, but my "head" sweats a lot, usually

when I'm out in public buying groceries, just walking in the mall

window shopping, or cooking dinner. The doctors I've seen say it

is menopause. Ha! It is getting worse every year and last year I

had a complete hysterectomy. My hair stays soaked and the sweat

feels "slimy" with no odor (thank God). Anyone have a remedy? I

just don't want to go out anymore,

Karen from WV


My Head Sweats a Lot

Hi Karen,

It sounds like you have what I have- facial hyperhydrosis a.k.a.

'the sweating disease.'

I have the exact same symptoms, and have had, for as long as I

can remember, even as far back as elementary school. However, it

got much worse, and became a problem when I gained weight and is

progressively getting worse.

I first brought it up with my gynecologist during my third

pregnancy 15 years ago, I was only 23 years old at that time so

menopause wasn't even a consideration. He told me that is was

pregnancy related. But I was having the same symptoms when I

wasn't pregnant. Later, I went to a family doctor who told me

that some people just sweat more than others because they have

bigger pores (or something to that affect, bla bla bla). I began

to feel like the doctors were dismissing this. I had become very

frustrated and had expressed my feelings to the next doctor I

saw. He told me that it wasn't that they were dismissing it, but

frankly just didn't know what to do about it (there's nothing

available that can be put on the face or scalp that would help).

About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The

doctors then began to tell me that this is why I sweat so much on

my face. That didn't make sense as I had had many diabetes tests

previously which had shown my blood-sugar in the low-normal

range. So, this problem existed way before I developed diabetes.

I also have a 12 year-old son who is showing symptoms as well.

I remembered seeing a documentary where a lady had a rare

condition called "hyperhydrosis" which caused the palms of her

hands to sweat profusely and she had surgery that corrected the

problem. So a couple of years ago I looked it up on the i-net.

Sure enough, there is actually a name for this horrible thing.

The only permanent treatment back then was spinal surgery in

which they cut the nerves of the spinal cord that lead to the

problem area. This wasn't an option for me though. I printed-up

some of the information and took it to my current physician, and

she's looking in to it. I just checked again, and there seems to

be much more information about this than there was a couple of

years ago. So, just type 'hyperhydrosis' into your search engine

to find more info. That may help.

The symptoms are relieved when I'm sitting down. So,

sometimes, when I'm grocery shopping, I take advantage of the

motorized carts that are provided. When I'm cooking dinner I sit

down as much as possible. Based on what I've read recently, and

my mother's advice, I'm going to go see a endocrinologist. Stress

could be another factor.

Anyway, let me know how it goes with you. And I'll keep you



By profile=thr996537">T Babe

My Head Sweats a Lot

First off, if possible, I would go to a dermatologist. I think

they would be more knowledgeable about your condition. Second, I

read and heard about people with severely sweaty palms and feet

receiving botox shots in the sweaty area. I wonder if shots in

your forehead or scalp would help? Check to see if insurance will

cover it also. You may need pre-approval, but if it works it

would be worth it. (07/13/2006)

By Cheryl from MO

My Head Sweats a Lot

You guys might try taking zinc supplements. You'll need to take

them for at least a month to see if they will work. Zinc is

wonderful for perspiration, especially if your sweat smells. Or

maybe try using a product on your scalp called "Scalpicin" after

you shampoo. (Not the one with cortisone, but the one with

salicylic acid.) (09/28/2007)

By profile=thr319748">Cyinda

My Head Sweats a Lot

It could be your thyroid or diabetes, go get checked out. I used

to be this way and it proved to be both in my case. (01/27/2008)

By profile=ver1031227">badwater

My Head Sweats a Lot

Hyperhidrosis isn't rare and I certainly know what it's like too.

However, I sweat excessively everywhere.
I hate it. There is a medicine at called Avert that

really helps. It will also dry out your mouth and eyes. The

other name for it is glycopirolate.

By MaryLou

My Head Sweats a Lot

I registered so that I could pass along to you what worked for

me. Check each and every medication you take for side effects. I

was on Atacand (candasarten) for hypertension, and Nexium for

severe GERD and Barrett's esophagus.
Both have the side effect of hyperhydrosis!

The minute I stopped taking Nexium the head sweating decreased to

less than half what it was. When I stopped Atacand too, the

excessive head sweating stopped altogether!

Here is a list of meds that have hyperhidrosis as a side

effect: (hope I can post a link)

You'll be amazed how many there are! These side effects are

not gender specific, it has something to do with how certain

drugs affect our sympathetic nervous systems.

My hair used to get so wet, my shirts got drenched around the

neck and down the back. (Doing nothing more than choosing

eyeglass frames, is one time that is etched in my memory. You'd

have thought I'd been working out for hours. Talk about


Hope that helps you. I went for months being told it was

"just" menopause and I should learn to live with it, and to quit


Needless to say I found a new doctor.

Check your meds. They have way more side effects than the docs

ever tell you about.

By profile=thr913171">alchemyst

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