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Chick Fil A Chicken Recipe


Does anyone know of the recipe for Chick-Fil-A chicken?


By elle1972 from MO


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By Carolyn 1 09/19/2009 Flag

Rachael Ray re-created a healthier version of Chick Fil A on her show on Tuesday! The sandwich is called Hungry Girl's Crispy Chicken sandwich. I tried it, and it's Delicious! But we don't have Chick Fil A's in Illinois, so I can't compare to the original. Here's the link to the recipe on Rachael Ray's website. Should be good:

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By Matt Bilardo 2 18 09/21/2009 Flag

Here's what I can tell you. Chick Fil A is loaded with MSG. MSG is not a bad thing! MSG has the same bad reputation as high-fructose corn syrup, which is in every non-diet soda. I work part time for Frito-Lay at Wal-Mart, and the chip aisle (which is 80% Frito Lay products,) is the same aisle as the soda aisle, and it's by far the busiest aisle in a busy Wal-Mart super center. If you buy any flavor of Doritos or Cheetos or Lays or Fritos, your eating plenty of MSG. With all these people eating MSG, can't be that bad right?
So, Chick Fil A recipe:
Get some boneless chick breasts, soak them them for a couple hours in a water solution with equal parts salt and MSG (Accent),
Pound them thin enough for a sandwich,
Bread them in a flour breading with paprika, black pepper and MSG,
Deep-fry or pan-fry in oil until golden.
Butter a bun with real butter or margarine, grill/toast buns, then put fried chicken breast on buttered and grilled buns with a couple dill pickles, add your fave condiments, and you're real close to Chick Fil A.

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