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How long does it take to make ice cream in an electric ice cream maker?

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How long does it take to make ice cream in an electric ice cream maker?

Wendy-Lou from Williams Lake, British Columbia



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By Gigidaimonds (Guest Post)02/16/2009

Thanks, we really needed this information!

By lori macDonald [20]06/14/2007

It almost always takes our ice cream maker 30 minutes before it is ready.

By wildernesswoman (Guest Post)06/11/2007

Thank-u everyone for helping me to make ice-cream!

By Connie Vowles [3]06/08/2007

My electric icecream maker has an inner chamber that you put in the freezer when not in use. I make icecream often and starting with cold ingredients I usually only have to have my machine running for 20 minutes. It is than thick and I put it into a plastic container with a lid and put it in my deep freeze for a couple of hours. I also have an old type hand crank one that uses ice and salt. It is fun but very tiring and takes a very long time to get the icecream hard enough to eat. Good luck and good eating.

By Beth [25]06/08/2007

It also depends on the temperature your liquid starts at, and how much ice and salt you use. The quicker you freeze it the grainier it will be, whereas a little longer will result in a creamier texture. But it shouldn't take any longer than 45 minutes max. I'd also say around 30 minutes is good.

By Michelle Olivas [2]06/06/2007

It depends on the machine. Our takes approximately 30 minutes to turn the custard into ice cream.

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