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Keeping Dog Away From Stitches

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When Millie, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was spayed, she hated wearing the collar she got from the vet. To keep her from licking the stitches, I bought a pack of baby vests. I pinned them up when she went out to the toilet and fastened the press studs after she had been. I was able to leave her unsupervised especially during the night, knowing she wouldn't be licking the stitches.

The wound was kept clean and healed quickly, and Millie was quite happy and comfortable in her little vest

By lanky liz from Scotland


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By Peggy [6]01/31/2013

Great idea! When my sweetie pup had stitches, (more than once) I put a modified T-shirt on her.

RE: Keeping Dog Away From Stitches

By Judy [8]03/12/2010

Great idea, or at least for my nerves and, also, for Big Al that is getting fixed in a couple of weeks.

By elizabeth thom [12]03/11/2010

Here is a photo of the invalid after her operation.

RE: Keeping Dog Away From Stitches

By marion davidson [22]03/11/2010

Good tip!

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