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Cleaning Sticky Vinyl Clad Wire Shelves


Our vinyl clad wire shelves have become very sticky, and we can't seem to clean them. I have tried lots of products, and even pressure washing to no avail. Do any of you have a solution? Thank you so much.

By Mary from Barefoot Bay, FL


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By Susan 63 03/15/2011 Flag

I would try straight ammonia, be sure to use a mask and gloves and rinse well. It sounds like a greasy buildup, and ammonia will cut through it.

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By Mary 3 10 03/16/2011 Flag

Thanks! These re in bedroom closets, far away from any grease, so I don't know. The shelves are about 20 years old, and so far we've had to replace them as nothing seemed to get it. We wonder if maybe it's the termite spray that is used here? We're Northerners and have not had the problem there.

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By Linda L. 83 322 03/16/2011 Flag

Maybe try WD-40 on an inconspicuous corner?

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By Donna 1 22 03/16/2011 Flag

Have you considered a spray sealer to give a new surface altogether? Krylon brand matt spray in clear or krylon spray flat paint in your color choice might do the trick.....I would try a small area first to be sire this works. D

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03/18/2011 Flag

I would try the magic eraser. it gets film off textured fridge handles, microwave keypads and stove keypads.

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By mmorecourage 1 12/30/2012 Flag

I've had sticky shelves for years. What works best is wiping down shelves with denatured alcohol that you can buy at Home Depot. I buy cosmetic cotton squares (for taking off makeup) and douse the center of one or two squares with denatured alcohol and wipe each (yes each) rung with the cotton square. I wear a double layer of disposable gloves. It doesn't smell bad, but it's best if the area is ventilated (fan) for I think it's a bit toxic. If possible, I remove shelves and do this outside. I end up using quite a few cotton squares so I keep a throw away bag nearby for the used squares. In a couple of years, I have to repeat this process because the shelves start getting sticky again, but I'm willing to do this to save money.

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By archiebunker66 1 03/26/2013 Flag

I am cleaning a home built in 1987, I have never ran into this problem until now. I tried the clorox wipes nope they didn't work . So I grabbed the Rubbing Alcohol and a good sponge it worked perfect. A Little pressure but no more sticky shelves . I hope this helps.

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By Carol Ann J. 1 10/16/2014 Flag

The rubbing alcohol did the trick. Years of dust, grime, even hair wiped right away. Thanks for the tip.

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By gmaFlo 1 11/14/2014 Flag

Goo Gone & a paper towel is all you need. Takes about 30 minutes per shelf but cleans it up easily. And it smells good too.

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By WackyPup 1 04/26/2015 Flag

Thanks for the idea! I washed my sticky vinyl shelf with soap and water and then used plain rubbing alcohol on an old washcloth and it completely removed the stickiness! In the past I have tried painting the vinyl and it wasn't completely successful. This worked great!

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