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Removing Clear Coat from Automotive Paint

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Does anyone know how to remove the deteriorating clear coat from the hood of my Toyota pickup? I would be happy to have just the paint job left underneath.

Rae Ann from Templeton, CA



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By Rosemarie08/05/2010

I just did this, wet a non textured dish towel and lay it flat over the area, pour straight ammonia onto the towel, let sit for a few minutes (do a small are 1st to get a feel for how long it will take to dissolve the coating) then take a sharp single edged razor blade and carefully remove the residue. I had "patches" on the hood and trunk. It all came off easily. It left the paint underneath intact. Wash well after the "patch" has been removed. I also used a little baking soda and dish soap to lightly "scrub" before rinsing thoroughly.

By rae (Guest Post)10/22/2007

Thank you Dawn, for the advise. i am going to buy the sandpaper you recommended and give it a try.

By Dean (Guest Post)10/22/2007

The only way to remove the clear coat is by sanding.The clear coat is only a few thousands of an inch thick so sanding will also scratch the underlying paint whether it is done by hand or what is called a da sander. The best bet is to have a body shop sand off the clear and repaint.

By Dawn from Ny (Guest Post)10/20/2007

I work in a body shop and have been doing this kind of work for 15yrs. It's my understanding you can wet sand it with 15 hundred or 2000 grit sand paper. Hope that this can be of some help to you.

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