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Remedy for Stubborn Underarm Odor


I've tried everything for my underarm odor, to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried baking soda, lime, and lemon juice. This problem is very embarrassing and its starting to make me feel depressed!

By Tina


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By Keeper 58 1,056 11/29/2010

Have you asked your Doctor or the drug store? I got better results w/an all natural one from the health food store. No dyes, perfumes or chemicals.

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By Monique 105 174 11/29/2010

I read somewhere of a lady who cured her problem with a variety of remedies. She said she washed her underarms in the morning then made a paste from Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking soda) and water and applied to each armpit. This was then rinsed off and patted dry. Then she dabbed the area with Listerine mouth wash (as it's anti-bacterial) and left to air dry. Then applied a good deodorant. I think she used the Listerine before she went to bed too.

I hope you find a cure,
Best wishes,
Monique :)

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By cettina 78 392 11/29/2010

I'm menopausal and suffer badly from hot flashes and night sweats. So you can imagine the problems I had with underarm odor. Especially during the summer. What worked for me is those crystal rocks that you moisten with water and rub into your underarms. I still get the hot flashes but at least I have no underarm odor!

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The biggest culprit for body odor is the foods you eat. What comes out of your body (including the odor of urine) reflects what you put into it. Try reducing the amount of red meat, onions, garlic, exotic spices, and drinks like coffee and alcohol and eat more fish, poultry, whole grains, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and raw nuts. Try this for two or three weeks and I am certain you will see it makes a huge difference.

Some health issues and some medications can also cause body odor so if you have health issues or take medications ask your doctor if this might be the culprit and what other food changes you might need to make for your personal circumstance.

As a personal testimonial; I no longer need to use any type of deodorant. I have it on hand only for "what if I need it" emotional worries. The same Secret Powder Fresh Scent container has been sitting in my bathroom drawer for over two years. ;-)

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By jlyn 3 47 11/29/2010

I've had the same problem my whole life. People don't get it. Lately I am using Mitchum for ladies in the solid in the rose petal scent. This is workin pretty good. I have had so many people give advice on this and nothing works. You can also put your deodorant on at night and this helps. Good Luck. :)

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By Sue Hadley 62 11/29/2010

Dr. A. Weil recommends that you use rubbing alcohol. It will kill the bacteria that causes the odor. I use a spray bottle and spray it on, or splash some in the palm of my hands to rub it under my arms. I keep it up and it works for me.

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By Lilac 20 1,333 11/29/2010

Make sure you keep your underarms shaved all the time. Hair holds the odor worse than anything.

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By Maria 1 17 11/29/2010

Hello, I use to have the same problem. I now use hand sanitizer- (purell, germ-x etc.) It's the only product that worked for me. Good Luck!

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By cherjl 3 8 11/29/2010

I've had the same problem since the start of menopause. I use white vinegar to take care of the problem. Just splash it on like a man does aftershave. Also sanitizers will do if you are out and about and forgot to put on the vinegar. Keep a sample size in each vehicle, purse, etc. Hope this helps.

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By Marie 6 31 11/30/2010

I used to have that problem. But as soon as I started taking Zinc supplement within a short time all body odor seemed to stop. I take one zinc tablet every morning and the underarm odor has lessened to being almost gone. I forget to use dedorant most of the time now.

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By Luann DeLuca 5 56 12/02/2010

Every one of these are great tips, especially keeping your underarms shaved. Using alcohol seems like it would be very drying and eventally irritating. For me, I decided to try one of the original deodorants on the market - Tussy roll on (goes on wet so give it a minute to dry; we're not used to that anymore). Plus, it is very cheap in price. I love it, and it still works even the 2nd day. PS- I also agree with lynjohnson's idea of putting deodorant on at night-I always have, and then again in the morning. I am sure you will find a solution that works for you among all the excellent suggestions.

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By Brande 3 12/06/2010

My Daughter also had this problem and I found that liquid chlorophyll (known to be a blood purifier) cured the body odour issue. Good Luck.

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By BeeLaydee 9 05/22/2011

Chlorophyll helps me too. I like the liquid with mint flavor (and no copper which gives it a nasty taste). A swig every morning usually lasts all day. I also notice I don't smell as bad (before the chlorophyll) if I remember to drink more water and eat a lot more fresh fruits and veggies.

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By Connie 4 4 06/18/2012

I've suffered with underarm odor for years. Long story short. After bathing swab your underarms with alcohol. Then take a cotton ball/swab dipped in Milk of Magnesia (store brand cheaper) I've been doing this for two months and haven't had any problems. What a relief since I live in Las Vegas where temps are reaching triple digits.

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By jellybeans64 3 12 01/11/2015

I found it helpful to use white vinegar under my arms after my morning shower. I let it dry and then use Arm and Hammer natural deodorant. I always make sure my armpits are shaved too. It really helps.
Terri K.

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