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Toilet Keeps Clogging


I live in a townhouse that is approx. 6 years old. My toilets clog constantly. I use low-budget thin toilet paper because the thicker paper is even worse. I am tired of plunging my toilets every other day. Help!

Janice from Mechanicsburg, PA



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By Harry (Guest Post) 02/19/2009 Flag

I would say there is something someone flushed down the toilet and is the cause of the clog. You could rent or buy a snake from a big box store to run through the toilet. The other suggestion is to take up the toilet look for obstructions in the toilet or the sewer pipe. Not a difficult job.

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By Leslie (Guest Post) 02/20/2009 Flag

An old trick from my Mom. Use a squirt of dish detergent or shampoo (cheap of course) and reflush. It seems to lubricate the bowl. You may still need to plunge, but it's worth a try.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 02/21/2009 Flag

Ours did the same thing. My husband discovered that the wax ring, which the toilet sits on, was off center, so the "hole" wasn't as big as it should be. He replaced that and we've had no trouble since.

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By April 1 2 04/20/2009 Flag

I have the same problem at my house. Are there large trees plants around your town homes? My plumber said it's roots that grow into the sewer pipes (especially during drought times) looking for water. I have to have my drain snaked at least twice a year. I had to switch to the cheap flimsy TP also, or I plunge weekly.

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By (Guest Post) 02/19/2009 Flag

More than one toilet is giving you trouble did you say ? Don't know how to help with that, but I'll tell you our experience. We found it necessary to rent for a while when husband got a job transfer. The toilet did not flush good & after much plunging etc, we let the landlord know & he sent a plumber. He located a child size toothbrush lodged down there. Toilet worked great after removing that.

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By GraNita (Guest Post) 02/21/2009 Flag

Just recently had the plumber in to change my hot water heater and while he was there asked him to look at my toilet as I was having the same problem, guess what he found? Someone had thrown a dryer sheet in and flushed. It kept floating around down there sometimes allowing the water to go down, other times impeding it. Am I happy that problem is solved.
Anita from Montclair, NJ

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By Barbara Snyder 13 98 02/24/2009 Flag

my dear daughter threw a bar of soap down the toilet and boy was that a nightmare finally hubby spent about 8 hours to drain the toilet we have a shop vac on hand (turn off the water that was going into the toilet take the toilet outside and finally used a garden hose to get the bar out we too had to buy a snake. it was a mess but Praise the Lord got it out and was running the next day well after he was done. (oh we did call a plumber and he in a way told us what do to and even called back the next morning too just to make sure everything was a ok) still saved money on the bill and everything

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By Dan 50 03/19/2009 Flag

If the problem isn't something solid stuck in the trap, it might be a badly designed low water usage toilet. It's possible to get pressurized tanks today. They're pricey and they're loud like their public toilet cousins, but they flush like champs.

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By Frances Adams 11 554 05/06/2009 Flag

You could always use the TP of your choice, just don't flush it. Put it in a lined waste paper basket--use your grocery store bags for liners, and throw away every day or two to reduce odor. At least until you get it fixed.

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By neuroticmom 9 144 08/17/2009 Flag

We had just moved into our new home and found the same problem in our second bathroom. Every day we were plunging it out. My husband did everything to try and find the problem even taking the toilet off and looking for problems. We ended up calling a plumber and what he found was that the knock out cover. The cover that is placed over the pipe while construction is done on the house before the toilet is put in place ~ had been knocked down into the pipe instead of pulled off and discarded! So the cover was acting as a trap door letting water and some paper go through but nothing else. Maybe just maybe this could be your problem.

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What do you do for a toilet that keeps clogging?

Lee from Portland, OR


RE: Toilet Keeps Clogging

We had that problem, too, and my husband finally had to buy one of those snakes that the plumber uses. It was still cheaper than calling a plumber. (09/12/2008)

By Wendopolis

RE: Toilet Keeps Clogging

I figured out that the main reason mine was clogging was because of the use of triple thick paper & especially while one of us had the flu.

By melody_yesterday

RE: Toilet Keeps Clogging

Could it be that someone is eating a lot of fat and not much fiber? Or a child that is using far too much TP? If you can get to Canada to get it, I would switch out that toilet for an old style one that is no longer per code, that uses more water to flush. New toilets are made not to clog so easy either, but they still have low water volume per flush. Maybe there's a Barbie doll down there! (09/15/2008)

By kimhis

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