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Homemade Rawhide Bones


I would like directions on how to make homemade rawhide bones for dogs.

By Dylan


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You might want to read this entire article before even deciding you really want to make them:

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Archive: Homemade Rawhide Bones

Has anyone tried to make their own rawhide bones for their dogs? We get them on occasion for rainy days, and for when we want to make sure they are occupied while we are busy. They are so expensive and our short-hairs chew them up in no time at all. When we are outside we do get them cow knees and such that last a lot longer, but I don't want them in my house! We would probably make them once a year from deer hide, or possibly try to get some hide from a locker near by. Any suggestions would be good.

By Jahummell from Shellsburg, IA

RE: Homemade Rawhide Bones

My vet told me NEVER ever give your dog rawhide. It doesn't digest and builds up. Could cause tummy trouble. (04/28/2009)

By ivorylov

RE: Homemade Rawhide Bones

I like to make a big deal over giving all our dogs a nylabone for their size and strength of chewing. They can't demolish these as fast and they act as toothbrushes. I make a big deal over them, and if I am lucky they will chew them every so often. You can wash them too when they get dirty. They are great but don't get the ones with spikes. (04/28/2009)

By Robyn Fed

RE: Homemade Rawhide Bones

We do have a couple of Nylabones floating around, but they are chewed on very rarely by only one of our dogs. Our vet actually told us that if our dogs can handle rawhides that it's okay. I am asking for recipes or help with making my own rawhides only. So, thanks for your input, ivorylov. Thanks! (04/29/2009)

By jahummell

RE: Homemade Rawhide Bones

I know you posted this a while back but you didn't seem to get any suggestions for making your own. I saw a great tip for making them out of sweet potatoes.

Just slice up raw sweet potatoes in thick strips. Dry them in a dehydrator if you have one. If not, put them on a cookie sheet in your oven at 200 degrees overnight. Dogs love the taste of sweet potatoes and they are great for their digestion. (06/18/2009)

By Artlady

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