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Inexpensive Effusion Lamp Oil Online

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I have an effusion lamp and the fragrance oil is so expensive. Could someone tell me where to buy cheap, but good fragrance oil online. I understand I'll need to mix approximately 1 oz. of oil to 16 oz. of 91% Isopropyl alcohol. Is this correct?

By linc2 from NJ


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By Melody T. [5]01/01/2010

Here is a link to an effusion oil recipe, plus where to buy the oils, from Christy's Thrifty Decorating blog:

This will tell you all you need to know!

By Frances Adams [11]12/22/2009

You can find that alcohol at any pharmacy or Walmart, in the wound care section, just check the strength. And the oils are available in the crafts dept, just not as many different scents as can be found online, but cheaper than the pre-made alcohol scents.

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