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Easy Recycled Bird Bath

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Take an old small plastic storage unit (like Rubbermaid) with the flip back top that has seen it's better day and remove the top. Lay this on the ground and fill with water for the birds. It's the right depth and they will love it. Most bird baths are too deep for the little birds like canaries and finches so this type is just right.

By Louise from Cibola, AZ


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By Little Suzy [93]08/13/2007

Be careful because if you have cats around you they will come and catch the birds for a meal. Birdbaths should not be on the ground.

By Lynda (Guest Post)07/31/2007

Hm-m-m, all five of my birdbaths are so shallow, I have to fill them several times a week when I didn't have them planted with mossrose and wandering jew.
Perhaps you are thinking of decorative fountains being too deep? : )

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