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Removing White Out Stains on Clothing

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Correction fluid.

Using paper correction fluid can mistakenly end up where you don't want it. This guide is about removing white out stains on clothing.



Here are questions related to Removing White Out Stains on Clothing.

Question: Removing White-Out Stain on Clothing

How do I remove Witeout from black clothing?

By Isbela


Most Recent Answer

By saltpeppa03/03/2011

I used the WD40 as recommended on this site and yes it worked I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed but eventually out it came from a school dress, school wincheater and from a pair of bras. It soaked through the lot but thanks to everyone out it came.
Many, many thanks for the advice

Question: Removing Liquid Paper from Fabric

I spilt White Out (liquid paper) on my best pants; how can I remove it? I have tried eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, nail polish remover, and I washed them. I have had no luck yet.

By Heather D.


Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]10/11/2011

It is basically an acrylic paint. I don't think you can get it out.

Question: Removing White Out Stains from Clothing

How do I remove White Out from cotton clothing?

By Kathy C.

Most Recent Answer

By Linda L. [33]09/11/2012

Will not wash out.

Question: Removing Liquid Paper from Poly-cotton

I have spilled and smeared some "Liquid Paper" onto my polyester/cotton uniform. How do I remove it?

By Jaye B.

Most Recent Answer

By Lois [5]12/13/2011

It is possible to buy Liquid Paper Remover, you should be able to purchase it in any stationery store or office supplies store. I've tried many methods that have been suggested to me but the only thing that worked was the actual Remover solution

Question: Removing White-Out Stain on Wool Clothing

How do I remove a whiteout stain from dark colour wool jumper?

By pietruszko

Most Recent Answer

By Dorothy [1]08/05/2010

I went into the Wite out web site and they have a whole page of info on how to remove.

If you need more info, I'd just call them and ask.

Question: Removing Liquid Paper from Clothing

I spilled Liquid Paper on my slacks. How can I get it out?

By Virginia

Question: Wite-Out Stain on Leather Shoes

I spilled a bottle of Wite-Out on leather shoes and it won't come off. Is there anything I can use without ruining my shoes?

By Marcia

Question: Removing White Out Stain From Clothing

I have correction fluid on a school polyester jacket. The jacket colours are red and blue. The stains are on the back of the shoulders and across the back of the coat. They are my mates corny jokes. How do I get the stains out?

By Sue. T.

Question: White Out Stain Removal

I spilled white out on my desk and carpet. How do I remove it? I need help.


Solutions: Removing White Out Stains on Clothing

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Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: White Out Stain Removal

A bottle of liquid white out was in my daughters pocket when i washed clothes. I need to know how do you remove white out from colored clothes?


RE: White Out Removal 10/04/2005
Try WD-40 make sure you spray on both sides of the stain.
By Ann
White Out Removal 12/16/2005
1. Sponge with Acetone (unless fabric contains acetate)

2. Tamp with a spoon

3. Flush with rubbing alcohol

Correction Fluid, White Out - Always read and follow the care instructions on the garment label. And, follow these General Rules for stain removal.

This is a real tough one, and may be permanent. It can penetrate into the fabric and when it dries coats the fibers in a harden "plaster." Unless there are instructions on the product label, you can try specific stain removal products available at the grocery or drug store, such as Carbona's Stain Devils or take the stain to your dry cleaner and tell them to treat it as a paint stain.

By ElectricChameleon
RE: White Out Stain Removal 12/17/2005
I use De-solve. It to remove all stains,y ou can buy it at Wal-Mart. Good luck!
By mema_sews

Archive: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing

I would like to know how I can take a spot of white-out off of clothing.

Thank you.
Erica from New Jersey

RE: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing 07/30/2004
I know when I need to thin white out and I do not have the thinner, I have used paint thinner or mineral spirits and shake as instructed on the thinner bottle it works fine. On clothes I am not sure of. It might work but do it with caution and wash.
By c4hobbs
RE: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing 11/26/2004
1. Sponge with acetone (unless fabric contains acetate.) 2. Tamp with brush or spoon. 3. Flush with alcohol.
By ThriftyFun
RE: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing 02/09/2005
If it is a non acetate material, treat it with acetone. Cheap nail polish remover has acetone so you could use that. Tamp it with a brush to try to break it up the best you can, then flush with rubbing alcohol. If it is acetate, you might do best to take them to a dry cleaner or use dry cleaning fluid.

Goof Off, Goo Gone, paint thinner and alcohol all are recommended.
Susan from ThriftyFun

By ThriftyFun
RE: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing 03/15/2005
Liquid Paper company said to use 'Goo Off' or 'Goo Gone' to remove White-Out from washable clothing.
By SHELIA (Guest Post)
RE: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing 03/22/2005
I just spilled the white out on my desk at work and it ran down into my lap and onto the floor. I went to and found out what would work... Goo-Gone! I used it and it did work! Thanks, you come through again.
By Kathy (Guest Post)
RE: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing 02/09/2006
Goo Gone worked great! It was the only thing I could find that worked.
By Fran
RE: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing 04/30/2006
Goof off will remove goof ups with white out. I used it on black jeans and it didn't even remove the color! And of course, they were my favorite designer ones! Good luck!!!
By Gina

Archive: Removing White-Out Stain on Clothing

My husband's work shirt is a light baby blue and yesterday he was playing with a white-out pen and it broke and got all over his shirt.


Archive: Removing White-Out Spot on Clothing

If you ever get White-Out (also called "Liquid Paper") or permanent marker on clothing; dab on a small amount of sunscreen over the stain and rub off with a paper towel. Repeat until stain is gone and then wash normally.

By Marnita from Cumming, GA