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Removing "Hair" Grease from a Leather Sofa


How do you remove a dark hair wax stain from a natural leather sofa?

By Steve


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By Melanie 1 7 01/10/2011 Flag

You could try putting a paper towel or brown paper grocery sack over the stain and then pressing a warm iron on it to see if that will draw the wax off. It may have to do it several times depending on the size of the stain. That's also how I get candle wax out of carpet and upholstery.

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Archive: Removing "Hair" Grease from a Leather Sofa

How do you get hair grease out of leather sofas. The leather is all warped and crunchy and the stain is spreading, any answers? How do you remove it from pillowcases too as it's rather difficult to remove.
Mrs. Alex


RE: Removing "Hair" Grease from a Leather Sofa

Since the oil from the hair is spreading, as oil stains do, why not use an oil-based product to clean and re-condition your leather sofa? That should make everything match and also help with the crackly-dry feeling of the sofa. When the conditioning oil soaks in, suggest that people who lie on the sofa from now on use pillows for their heads to prevent future stains.

As far as oily stains on the pillows, don't use throw pillows for your head, use bed pillows or cover the throw pillows with pillowcases when lying on them. Wash pillow cases in a strong detergent, or use borax along with your regular detergent. If your sheets/pllowcases are white, use bleach! Nothing cleans better.

Good luck! (06/28/2005)

By Mary

RE: Removing "Hair" Grease from a Leather Sofa

try saddle soap, leather cleaner, it cleans and rejuvenates leather. (10/06/2010)

By tara73

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