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Buying Replacement Furniture Springs

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I need to find new spring for an old sofa. Where can I buy it in England and how much would it cost?
Best wishes.

By Larisa from Brighton, UK


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It would be best if you contacted a couple of your local furniture upholsterers for the correct answers to those questions because it's going to depend on the type of sofa and the type of springs it has.


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Archive: Buying Replacement Furniture Springs

Where can I purchase springs to replace broken ones when reupholstering furniture?

By njgould from Cedar Rapids, IA

RE: Buying Replacement Furniture Springs

I would ask the upholstery shop if they have suggestions. Even if you buy fabric at a discount store, a specialty store might help you. I know that sometimes they aren't needed. My mother recovered my father's Packard seats by retying, as she did with a very aged sofa. Most of the time, they aren't ruined, just pulled apart. Heavy grade twine between each coil and then sort of webbing will often salvage the old ones. (07/13/2009)

By damaged05170

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