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Keeping Cauliflower from Getting Brown Spots


Can anyone tell m how to keep brown spots from cauliflower so soon after buying? Love to all. Loretta


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By Harlean 142 427 02/04/2005 Flag

I haven't tried this myself on Cauliflower, but it works for celery and green onions and certainly worth a try. Enclose the head of cauliflower in aluminum foil. I have saved celery with this method for up to 5 weeks after purchase (without it even wilting) Another method that is only frugal if you have first invested in a Foodsaver system is to put the head in one of the special Foodsaver bags and seal it up. This system is advertised for freezing, but I do cabbage, and other veggies and refrigerate. I especially like the clear plastic canisters that are available with this system. They come in various sizes and have an adaptor to remove the air from the canister without compressing the product inside. I have one that holds a head of chopped lettuce, and will keep it for a week to 10 days without any rust or spoilage. I usually take a second cannister and cut up my veggies for the salad...celery, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, green onions, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli (well, you get the idea) and mix them well. Place them in the canister and remove the air. The longest that I have saved them before they were used up is a week, so am not sure how long they would last. You just open them and use what you need and reseal. This is one of those appliances that require an initial investment...Mine was just under $200 at Sam's Wholesale, but Walmart has a different brand for about $60. And what you save in preserving food will pay for itself over time. Sorry this is so long. I got carried away. I love my Foodsaver!
Harlean from Arkansas

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By Holly 367 1,263 04/05/2005 Flag

The FoodSaver:
How do you clean it?


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By Claudette (Guest Post) 08/16/2007 Flag

Thanks for the hint about the canister for lettuce and veggies. I just bought the foodsaver at costco and could use some hints from people who use the foodsaver.

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By marsha (Guest Post) 09/23/2008 Flag

Interesting! I always thought the brown spots were mold!

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