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Attracting Chipmunks into Yard

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OK, I know most people want to repel them, but I want to know how to attract chipmunks into my yard. I have a huge yard with woods on 3 sides and lots of trees in the yard. I have tons of squirrels, some deer, foxes, moles, and even the occasional bobcat. But I've never seen chipmunks even though I know they are native to this area. How can I attract them?

By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC


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By merlene smith [4]08/24/2009

We have 2 stone retaining wall around our driveway and the chipmunks love to run in and out of the holes. Maybe there is not a hiding place from the natural predators ( fox and bobcat) in your yard.

By Dena Roberts [31]08/24/2009

Usually, the squirrels chase the smaller chipmunks away. So if you have dominant squirrels, you may not be able to attract the chipmunks.

By Myrna [15]08/19/2009

Here's a link that'll tell you a lot of the foods a chipmunk eats and about their habitat.
I suggest making a dry mixture from the list of foods given and feed to the chipmunk. Squirrels will probably join in.

By Dan08/19/2009

Try this ... s/Bird-Feeders/No-Wobble-Tray-Feeder
Or just google "Chimpmuk feeder". At most hardware stores you can find feed corn still on the cob. Google "corn cob feeder" and you'll see another design that you can make yourself!

RE: Attracting Chipmunks into Yard

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