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Preventing Edges From Rolling When Knitting

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Can anyone tell me how to knit without having the edges roll? I just did a throw, and the only edge that isn't rolled is the one with ribbing. Can I block it flat? Help!

Coreen Hart from Rupert, ID



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By Edie (Guest Post)07/05/2007

Slip the first stitch of every row when knitting any project. This eliminates the rolling.

By Coreen Hart [73]06/30/2007

Thank you, everybody! Great ideas!

By Janice C. [18]06/30/2007

Coreen, Congratulations on finishing your throw. I agree with the advice you've gotten, just knit a couple stitches at the beginning and end of each row next time. This time, blocking it should help. If it still curls, you might try adding fringe to weight it down. Or a row or two of single crochet around the edge sometimes helps, if that doesn't distract from the pattern.

By margaret Tx (Guest Post)06/29/2007

after casting on just knit one row then go on to your pattern stitch

By Nancy from Florida (Guest Post)06/29/2007

Hi, Coreen,

Try knitting the first two stitches of a purl row, and purling the first two stitches of a knit row.

If there is another stitch or pattern you are using, just do this edging anyway. It always worked for me -- but try it on a small swatch first.

Good luck!
Nancy in Florida

By Roberta (Guest Post)06/29/2007

You should be able to block it flat, or use a pressing cloth and LIGHTLY steam it; don't put weight on it or it will flatten out too much. Remember to let it dry completely flat. In the future, try a garter stich edge (knit every stitch for a few stiches). That will make it lay flat, too. You could also add a crochet edge to it.

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