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My Dog Played With a Dog That Has Parvo


I recently found a puppy that turned out to have parvo. I gave him away to a good family looking for a pet online and they are the ones who found out. He had contact and shared the yard with my 9 month old Terrier who has been vaccinated against parvo and is not showing symptoms. However, he also had contact with my 5 month old kitten. Can parvo still be passed to my other puppy and/or kitten?

By Leandra from TX


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By Vikk Unsell 1 02/09/2011 Flag

Yes!! Please be very careful. I have a 4 month old Boston Terrier at the Vet clinic right now on IV antibiotics. Her litter mate died Sunday from Parvo. The vet told me that Parvo is very contagious to other young animals and to make sure that if I get another puppy to keep it away from the places that my puppy has been. She said that Parvo cannot be killed. It lives in the dirt and the air. She said that the only way to get rid of Parvo is to take up the top 6 inches of topsoil in your whole yard. Callie is luckily going to be okay, but her sister did not survive. Parvo is very dangerous.

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By JTYREE 1 2 06/25/2011 Flag

I was dog sitting for a couple's three minature Doberman Pinschers and one of them was a puppy under 4 months. I kept them for two weeks. The day I returned their dogs, the puppy was sick. They took their puppy to the vet and they said their puppy died of parvo and that their other two dogs were sick. I didn't have any other dogs in our fenced in yard other than our Jack Russell terrier who is 9 years and a chihuahua who is 10 months both of which are utd on their shots. How in the world did the min pins get parvo?

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By wilderness775 1 07/09/2013 Flag

Bleach is the only thing that will kill the Parvo virus. You must wash everything down inside and out. Side walks, lawn. Your grass might die but Parvo can live in the soil for over a year. Make sure any new animals are FULLY vaccinated as just their first and second boosters may not have them fully immunized. That is how my 4 month old puppy got it. My adult dogs had vaccs and did not get ill. Luckily he is a huge puppy at 50 pounds (before Parvo) and after a week of sleepless nights of running IV fluids and injections, he is finally up and eating boiled chicken and rice, with some good squirts of Pedialite to help regain much lost electrolytes. I was just fortunate to catch it early and have incredible vets that showed me how to do it all so I didn't have the isolation and boarding fees along with charges for all the time and treatment. Diligence is required. I had just gotten his vaccs a week prior but the people who I got him from never had his little puppy vaccs, It is an insidious virus. BLEACH! BLEACH! BLEACH! Digging up spots of soil where the dog relieved itself WILL NOT get rid of virus as you can track it on your shoes too! You can not clean too much after Parvo. Best wishes with your next furry family member. Remember, there are many communities that have reduced vaccs and spay/neuter clinics should finances be a factor in getting your pets vaccs. (Cats cannot get Parvo but they are the source of it's origin- ironically).

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I have a 7 month old vaccinated 60 pound healthy Boxer.

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