Recovery Time for Dog With Parvo

June 22, 2013

I just came home from the vet with my dog. She has pravo. She is breathing really slow and I have been giving her Pedialite in a syringe. When will she get better?


By Keta


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From what I have learned from experience depends on how bad your dog has Parvo. It can be 2-6 months to get over it.
Please don't give up or frustrated with your dog as they go through this. It is very hard on them. Plus they can die from Parvo without steady care.

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November 23, 2010

My puppy has parvo we have been treating him with IV and antibiotics just like vet told us. This started on a Thursday and now it's Monday and he showing little sign of improvement. He is drinking water on his own now. Do you think he might be getting over it? How long does parvo last?

By rosie from Fresno, CA


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I think it will take a week to 10 days for your dog to get its strength back. Introduce food slowly as the stomach may have shrunk a bit and will be quite tender. Also be careful about the amount of running around you allow for a few days as although the dog might be feeling better it could tire easily. Just keep doing what you are doing the main thing is that you have got through the crisis. That is not easy, I remember not having any sleep for about 3 days! well done

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My puppy was vaccinated at 10 months. On Friday we took our puppy to the vet because she started with diarrhea, but no blood. When tested we found it was parvo. We decided to keep her at the vet to try to save her life. As the days have passed it seems like she is getting worse, her white blood count decreased and she started vomiting with bloody diarrhea.

Should this worry me even if she has been in the hospital for a few days and they tell me it's normal for them to get worse before they get better?


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Believe what they say, they have no reason to lie to you. It is a bad disease and takes a dog time to heal from this, about 6 weeks. Most dogs die from parvo in the first 72 hours. So you have given your dog the best chance because you took him to a vet and started treatment ASAP.

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First I want to say I'm sorry to hear your puppy is sick. First of all you did the best thing for your puppy by getting him vaccinated. I'm not going to tell you not to worry as their our babies and no matter how sick they are we are going to worry. Few years ago I did work in a vet office and had worked with some pretty sick dogs that had Parvo. And with the good vet at their side and treatments they pulled through it. The best medicine for your puppy is letting him know how much you love him and lots of prayers. I will be thinking of your puppy and prayers also. Please feel free to e-mail and let me know how your little one came through. I hope I helped you.

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I noticed last week that my almost 4 month old puppy was vomiting. I figured she had gotten sick due to my 7 year old feeding her old lunch meat out of the fridge (she doesn't get human food) so I didn't think anything of it. The next day she seemed completely normal. No vomiting no diarrhea. I wormed her that night also not thinking anything of it since she was eating and drinking. It wasn't until Wednesday that I noticed she was sick and vomiting profusely.

I sat for hours pushing chicken broth, Pedialyte, and water, but she kept puking. She finally started drinking around 11:30 that night on her own and drank a lot, but didn't keep anything down. Her gums were still pink and she was still urinating. The next morning I started giving her salt water enemas to get fluids to the colon.

Around 11:30 yesterday I took her to the vet and they started IV fluids and meds immediately. Today I called and checked on her and they said she was really lethargic today, but hadn't gotten any worse. They also said that she had several big blowouts which is to expected I know, but no vomiting.

Even with being so lethargic do you think she'll be OK? Not being able to see her or know 24/7 how she's doing scares me and gets my belly knotted up. They were kind enough to send me pictures of her and she looks so sad. I'm just worried about her being so lethargic, but not sure what to think of that.


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You did the right thing taking her to the vet. There is no guarantee that she will recover, but, even if she does, expect her to be lethargic for a few weeks.

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It will take time and could be close to 7 days before you see much change in your puppy. However, she is at the vet's now with an IV and has been given antibiotics and they are monitoring her. For now all you can do is hope for the best. You tried what you could at home and hopefully giving her all the liquids that you did helped. For now you need to be patient and let the medication and IV work. I had a puppy and it ended up in the vet's like yours. It took 6 days to see any major improvement in the dog, but he is still with me today and that was 9 years ago.

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January 26, 2018

I have a 7 month old puppy, he is half olde English Bull Dog mixed with other breeds. He's about 50 pounds. He got diagnosed with parvo 3 days ago.

We took him to an animal hospital on the first day he started having symptoms, but we couldn't afford what this vet was offering. We found another vet and they are 100 times better. Their prices are very reasonable.
Anyways, one the first day he started throwing up. He threw up about 3-4 times. The second day, he didn't throw up at all, but he did have diarrhea with no blood in it. Later on that day he had an appointment with a different animal hospital, they told us that we came in at the right time when he's still healthy and strong. They told us they have never seen a dog with parvo that is still strong and they gave us fluids and medication. Before we left, the doctor gave him his first bag of fluids. As soon as we got home we gave him the medication, but 5 to 10 minutes later he threw up. On the 3rd day, today, he we gave him his medication for the second time and he did great, he didn't throw up. He fell asleep and woke up to use the bathroom, he had diarrhea again with no blood in it. When we got into the house, we gave him water and he finally started to drink on his own. But his energy is the same, sleepy and weak. How long will this medication take to help my puppy? How likely is it that he will make it? Should I force feed him or wait till his stomach can hold down his food? I'm very scared.


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It can take several weeks to recover. The fact that he is not throwing up and has no bloody diarrhea is good. He will be tired.

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You asked if you should force feed your dog.

I had a dog for 18 years, and over the years we had many visits to the vets for various reasons. One thing I learned was, they're really just like us, and when we don't feel well, we'd not want to be force fed, (unless) the doctor ordered it. My one dog had renal failure, and she'd lost her appetite. I did have to use a syringe with her blended and liquefied food daily to do that, but only as per her vet.

What I would recommend, is try some (un-salted) peanut butter (a good organic one) as peanut butters are not the same, some have nothing but garbage in them, and some are quite healthy for people and animals, and animals LOVE the stuff. Nut's or no nuts, that part doesn't matter. From my experience, they do like the chunky with nuts the best though it seems.

Put a tiny bit on your finger tip, as your dog trusts you, he knows you. See if he'll lick just a bit. Usually one lick leads to the next.
He can't make a meal of that though, and hopefully it will stimulate his appetite - and peanut butter is loaded with good stuff for health too, but, never give him too much, not more than a teaspoon or tablespoon worth, and only until his appetite gets kicked back into gear - usually a couple of days "or a few" that is.

One thing you must watch out for on the peanut butter label, as many companies are putting in an ingredient that is DEADLY to
some animals, and dogs in particular.

The ingredient is: XYLITOL ((( BAD DEADLY STUFF))) for dogs.

It's a sugar, but not all sugars are created equally. This particular
sugar/xylitol can NOT be given to dogs ever. And don't worry, it's not in all peanut butters either. Most do not have that ingredient.
Just triple check whatever brand you buy.

The peanut butter will also (we hope) will get him to want to drink,
as he must have water-because dogs become very or even severely dehydrated in just a day or two. Sometimes what dogs will do when they don't want to drink from their bowl is they will lick on an ice cube if you hold it between your fingers.

He'll probably be thirsty after a little bit of the peanut butter too.
Then hold the ice cube for him.

He can get better with extra care, food and water, and tons of gentle love from you.

I sure do hope everything you do is successful and that he begins showing good signs of getting past this issue.

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My baby girl Sasha is about 2 and half years old and she got parvo, how she got it I don't know. She has not been in contact with other dogs or feces for that matter, but she got it. She has been with the vet for a week now and she is still the same.

My question is what are her chances of surviving this. Her puppy got it cuz of her and she is now eating and drinking, but still at the hospital. I'm really worried about Sasha. Please what can you tell me? Sasha is the white one.


June 2, 20171 found this helpful

Parvo can last a few weeks. If your dog is drinking she has a chance. What does the vet say?

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June 3, 20170 found this helpful

The vet can keep you up to date but if she's there and stable, it can take up to a month for it to clear.

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It used to be that dogs who got parvo did not live. Its only been in the past few years that medical vet services have developed to the point that many now survive. However, it can take a couple months.

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June 5, 20172 found this helpful

Many people think that Parvo is a virus that only affects puppies but that is not the case - as you have experienced. Dogs that have survived a week or longer (and with a vet) will most likely survive but total recovery time is long.
From what I have read about this virus, the older dog has a better immune system than a puppy and perhaps would not be affected as much as a younger dog - unless - they have other health problems.
Hopefully you will be seeing great improvement in both dogs and your vet should be able to answer any questions about any problems either dog is having.
Cleaning up any area the dogs have been is a big job so I hope you have information on what steps to take before you bring your doggies home.
here is a link to a site that has a lot of information about this virus.

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My dog has parvo. How long does it normally last? How long do I have to keep him away from my other dog? Is it a good sign that he is peeing now?


October 25, 20172 found this helpful
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How long for a dog to recover from Parvo:

  1. If your dog is being treated by the vet this can take a few days to a week to notice a difference in the dog.
  2. The first few days the dog will mostly sleep and not want to eat or drink.
  3. This is when you must give the dog water or other fluids the vet recommends you to give the dog.
  4. Some vet's will send home the dog with a few IV fluids for you to give the dog.
  5. Your dog more than likely was given a shot at the vet's to help the dog stop vomiting.
  6. The hardest thing in all of this is to not let your dog get dehydrated.
  7. When my dog had Parvo it spent 1 week at the vet's before I could bring him home again.
  8. If you have a second dog at home make sure the dog is current on all of his/her shots.
  9. You'll need to continue to clean your home and yard with a 50/50 solution of bleach and water.
  10. Even if you think the dog is fine the virus can stay in your yard and home for a long time.
  11. Each time you leave the home and go in the yard, you are tracking the virus back into your home on the soles of your shoes.
  12. That is why you need to clean your home often to make sure you kill the virus completely.
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December 27, 2017

I took my puppy to the vet on Friday to just get his shots. The vet checked him for parvo because most of the litter he came from had it and ended up dying after they had their shots. He tested positive for parvo, so they kept him over the weekend. It's now Tuesday and we were told he is doing better.

He gets up when he sees people and wags his tail, although, he isn't eating. Is this normal? Will he make it? I'm very worried. He is my first puppy and we've had him since he was about 6 weeks old, he's around 9 months now.


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This is normal for a dog with parvo. It can take up to a month for the dog to get back to normal. As long as he is at the vet's and they are taking care of him, I don't think you have anything to worry about. They are keeping him on an IV with fluids. Until he is better they normally don't give them much to eat or drink. Soon they should start giving him a small amount of food and see how he does.

Normally it is recommended that you get the shots for your dog at 6 to 8 weeks old. This will save the dog's life and protect him against Parvo. I'm happy that you have taken him in now before he got really sick.

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My dog hasn't been feeling well for about three days. I took him to the vet to get medication for parvo. When will he start to eat and drink again?

Should I try and force it? I have given him IVs to rehydrate and meds to treat the infection. I'm really nervous and don't know what to do.


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Treating your dog:

  1. Parvo is a horrible virus for dogs and it can take up to a month before the dog can feel better. You have done the right thing.
  2. He has visited the vet, had a shot and is on medication. You are giving him an IV to keep him hydrated. Basically, all you can do now is keep an eye on him.
  3. Keep a bowl of water next to him.
  4. You can try to feed him around 1 or 2 tablespoons of very bland food.
  5. Cooked rice or pasta is the best to start off with.
  6. If he starts throwing up again call the vet and take him back in.
  7. At times it can take up to a week before the dog is feeling better and will eat or drink again.
  8. Just keep him hydrated and giving him his medication.
  9. If you see any major changes in him take him back to the vet immediately.
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January 5, 2018

I have a GSD; he is 2 and a half months old. He has been infected with parvo for the last 6 days. He was given IV fluids by the vet, but still he has nausea and vomiting. He has no sign of an appetite. What is the problem with my dog?

What can I do?


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Parvo takes time to recover from. Tell your vet about the vomiting and not eating. You should force small amounts of water down your dog's throat.

Your dog should start showing signs of improvement within a couple of days of the treatment, the vet may have to change the treatment.

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