Caring for a Puppy With Parvo

September 17, 2010

Ok, before the editors can place their "disclaimer" along with this post, I am going to place it here first. We full well understand NOT everyone is capable or has the knowledge we have behind us. So with this said, home treatment can be as expensive as vet treatment. Knowledge of animals is what helped us. Also, there are 2 forms of Parvo. We were lucky enough to be dealing with the intestinal type. If your dog develops the cardiac type, seek immediate vet help.


Editor's Note (the real one): Please discuss with a professional health care provider before starting this or any home treatment.

We have a pair of 7 month old Bull Dogs. Both had 1 set of shots. We received them as strays, so true age and health issues are truly unknown. Our male began showing signs and symptoms on Sept. 8th. On Sept. 11 we were told he had Parvo. On Sept 12, he received 1 anti-biotic shot and was sent home from a vet friend's home with orders to take him to the local vet hospital. Instead, we did our research and the following is what we did. This worked for us, I will not guarantee it will work in all cases.

Our first stop on our way home was the grocery store. We picked up Pedialyte, liquid infant anti-nausea medication, and Peptobismal. Every 30 minutes we gave him 10 cc of the Pedialyte. We also gave him 10 cc of Pedialyte with 5 cc of anti-nausea medicine.

The next morning, we made a run to town (we live in a vast farming community). First stop was more Pedialyte ($3.00 per bottle), rubber gloves ($5.00 per box), 1000mg MSM ($5.00 per bottle). The next stop was the health food store for 90 ppm colloidal silver ($20.00) - this item is a MUST, DO NOT skip it; Peppermint oil ($10.00), goldenseal root ($12.00), echinacea ($10.50), and Source of Life Gold Liquid vitamins ($16.00). All of these items are in liquid form. From there we went to the feed store and picked up antibiotic ($40.00) and needles. **Again DO NOT attempt this if you have never given an animal a shot before. My family are ranchers and so I was raised around this stuff.

Now, as our dog was throwing up we did an enema treatment. This is a must, and will get the medications into your dog without them throwing them right back out. Recipe to follow at the end. We did the enema 3 times the first day, 2 times the next day, and 1 the final day, only because he started eating and drinking on his own.

Our schedule basically consisted of:

  • First Day: Pedialyte and silver in between enemas. Antibiotic shot in the morning (only one per day).

  • Second Day: Rotate Pedialyte and Pedialyte with silver between enemas. Antibiotic shot.

  • Third Day: He was drinking on his own, so there was no need for Pedialyte.

Now our female was starting to show signs, so we started her on the treatment early and her signs are not nearly as severe as our male. It was more or less similar to depression. Honestly, if you are getting a new puppy, most of these items can be purchased and kept on hand just in case.

The enema recipe is as follows:


  • 2 (1000mg) MSM capsules, empty capsules to dissolve powder
  • 6 drops goldenseal
  • 6 drops echinacea
  • 4 drops peppermint oil
  • 1 - 2 cc colloidal silver (this is a must, do not skip)
  • 4 cc anti-nausea liquid
  • 4 cc Peptobismal
  • 5 cc Liquid Gold
  • 60 cc Pedialyte


Mix all of this in a purchased enema bottle. We used disposable ones by emptying out the included solution, rinsing it out, and then using the bottle.

Make sure mixture is mixed well and MSM is dissolved, coat tip with some form of non-toxic lubricant and make sure back bone is straight. We discovered that it was best to lay our dog down, straighten back, and insert, talking the whole time. We then rubbed his belly afterwards and he thought he was getting lovies.

Anyways, this is what worked for us. We do NOT guarantee it. The medications in the enema are the same as what is in Parvaid. That is why we purchased them. We did not/could not afford to wait. As for food, we bought turkey with rice baby food and mixed it with baby rice cereal. When he took his first bite we knew we had conquered this deadly illness.

One more thing, if your dogs show sign of Parvo, do not give them their next round of vaccines. This will make things worse. This includes any and all dogs exposed. This comes straight from our vet friend.

By Ealasaid from Four Corners, NM

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January 11, 2010

I found online a herbal medication for parvo, It's called Parvaid.

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January 21, 2020

I took my 2 month old puppy to the vet. They confirmed that she has parvo.I really can't afford to get the treatment that the vet has. My question is is there anything that I could do at home to help her?


January 21, 20200 found this helpful
Best Answer

To tell you the truth no there is not. The dog needs the IV and the meds in order to get over this horrible sickness. If you can't afford this, you might want to go the animal shelter and see the vet there. They may be able to help you out.

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December 12, 2019

I have an 8 week old puppy and he is starting to show signs of parvo. So today I ended up buying him the six and one with parvo shot in it.

Will this make him sicker than what he already is or help him?


December 12, 20190 found this helpful
Best Answer

Have you had the pup to the vet? If not, please get him there ASAP as all of the parvo survivors I know have had immediate and thorough vet care and the parents followed vet home care to the letter.

This is a survivalable disease, but it requires a lot of vet care and intervention

Never give a sick or well pup anything like an immunization without asking the vet. It could be fatal. You never know what you are getting when you purchase things outside of the vet.

Post back with update! Prayers for healing!

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My puppy Peppa has parvo. It has been three days now and she drinks water fine, but I can't get her to eat anything. I need help on how to feed her.


February 25, 20190 found this helpful
Best Answer

It is normal for parvo puppies to not eat for a few days. Drinking is essential. You can begin to try to tempt her with foods she likes that are easy to digest. When they are very sick in the 1st few days they cant digest much anyway. You really need to ask your Vet how to get her eating again.

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My 3 month old German Shepherd has parvo. I took him to the vet and it's been 4 days, but he still vomited more than 10 times last night. I couldn't sleep till morning. In the morning he pooped green coloured stool? Will he survive? Please help I'm so frustrated.


February 21, 20190 found this helpful
Best Answer


I am sorry your puppy is not feeling good. Is he throwing up worms that you can see? Are there visible worms in his stool? I like to give Nemex 2 wormer, and you can get it at Tractor Supply. If the pup has parvo, then it will have to get through the virus and its course.

The main idea to get through parvo, if the pup has it, is to keep the pup hydrated.

Here is a video link to a YouTube Video about using alternative methods, such as colloidal silver and Pepto Bismol:

I wish you the best and am sending prayers.



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February 22, 2019

I had 7 puppies; 5 of them have died from parvo. Please help me with the last 2. One died at first from parvo without me having any idea about what was wrong with it until a vet told me he died from parvo. I quickly took the rest to a vet 2 weeks ago, but 4 died eventually.

Currently I have two left. They have taken all their shots now for about 7 days. They are now at home and I give them subcutaneous fluids as directed by the vet. They can now eat and drink on their own, but are still weak and sleep a lot. They also have watery stools. Can you help me with this? I am very devastated after already losing the 5.


February 22, 20190 found this helpful
Best Answer

Clean your house with a diluted bleach solution. Parvo can live inside for six months. Do not take them outside until their are fully vaccinated. Drinking at this point is more important than solid food. Keep in touch with the vet.

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January 8, 2018

My 7 month old puppy was diagnosed with parvo. The first 24 hours I gave her Pedialyte and chicken broth every hour on the hour. She does not have diarrhea and she is not vomiting. She was eating and drinking on her own the first night after a few hours of giving her Pedialyte.

Now she has stopped eating again. And she hates the syringe. I am exhausted. After the first 24 hours how often should I feed her using the syringe? Still every hour or what is recommended?


January 8, 20181 found this helpful
Best Answer

Since she is not vomiting and doesn't have diarrhea, that is good. She needs to drink and be hydrated. Call the vet if you have concerns.

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January 8, 20181 found this helpful
Best Answer

As long as the dog isn't vomiting this is a good sign. I'd try and see if she will drink a little water on her own. I know every hour on the hour is a lot of work. If you are really concerned there is another solution to this. You can try asking the vet to put an IV in and get some bags of liquid to feed her in the IV. Normally, if the dog is really sick this is how they start the treatment. Otherwise, I'd try to get her to drink on her own. Other than these two solutions there isn't much else you can do at the moment.

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October 8, 2017

My puppy Benson has parvo. We took him to the vet who gave us IV bags and the shots for a 3 day period. So far he has had all 6 shots, he doesn't like us using the IV bag on him anymore. He is active again, drinks water, and wags his tail and licks us again, but for some reason I can't get him interested in food.

It's been awhile since he's eaten, 3 days to be exact and it's worrying me. I've tried rice, baby food, and just creamy stuff so it's easy to go down. Anyone know anything that he might be interested in or a trick to ease him into eating again?


October 9, 20170 found this helpful
Best Answer

Since the puppy is up an active here is some foods you can try.

  1. It is recommended to give ice chips to the dog if he is still vomiting.
  2. Otherwise, start the dog on a bland diet. You can make this yourself at home. You will need 1 1/2 cups of creamed cottage cheese, 1 large hard boil egg, chopped, and 2 cups of cooked cream of wheet or rice. You can also use 2 cups of cooked white rice. Not instant rice.
  3. Now you will feed the dog 4 times a day with this bland diet. You will only give him 1 to 2 tablesppons of the bland diet at a time.
  4. If the dog starts to vomit again, you will stop feeding him the bland diet and go back to only feeding him ice cup chips.
  5. After each feeding make sure he drink or you give him 1/4 cup of water.
  6. Continue this for 2 to 3 days.
  7. If the dog is doing good then you can start to mix a small amount of his dog food with the bland food.
  8. He should start eating again after 6 to 8 days.
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July 6, 2020

Yesterday morning my puppy was vomiting and I took her to a vet and she was positive for parvo. I was only able to afford a shot of antibiotics and fluids for her. I brought her home and bought Pedialyte, Tamiflu, Pepto Bismol, taro syrup, baby food, and probiotics for her. I'm constantly giving her Pedialyte to rehydrate her almost every 30 mins.

She has not vomited since yesterday before I took her to the vet, over 30 hours. She has not had diarrhea in almost 12 hours, but has not pooped since then. She does pee, its color is mostly clear. She is still very sleepy. Is she on a recovery path with not vomiting or diarrhea?

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My 5 month old, 25lb puppy has parvo. She received her parvo antibiotic shots yesterday plus I'm giving her antibiotics every 12 hours. She has not vomited since yesterday morning. Is it OK to feed her kibble? She started showing symptoms two days ago. She is constipated and hasn't pooped in 2 days.

But she is fully alert and pretty energetic today. She can drink water on her own. I didn't feed her for 24 hours. I have only been giving her Gatorade every two hours. She ate 1.5 cups of kibble today is that safe?


December 5, 20170 found this helpful
Best Answer

The vet should have given you a diet plan for her to follow. If she is constipated, that can cause further troubles so make sure she gets plenty of fluids to help off set it.

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February 24, 2014

If my 2 month old puppy has parvo, could I give him his 1st shots or do I wait til after parvo treatment?

By Shae M. from Stockton, CA


February 26, 20140 found this helpful
Best Answer

Please, please be aware that parvo in puppies is very, very dangerous. Parvo can kill your puppy within hours and its a painful death. No shots til 6 months of age. Once it contracts parvo its to late for shot. please, please get your dog to a vet. ASAP

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February 26, 20140 found this helpful
Best Answer

You cant give parvo vaccinations to a dog who has a parvo infection.

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December 19, 2017

My 6 month puppy has parvo and I don't have the money to take him to the vet. I don't know how to treat for him at home, does anyone have any tips that they can give me on how to care for him?


December 21, 20170 found this helpful
Best Answer

It is very difficult to treat a puppy with parvo at home with no help from a veterinarian. Even if you have the medicine they need they vomit a lot and cant benefit from it. They get an injection at the Vet. Many Vets will give your dog the shot they need and let you take them home and care for them. This way is less expensive and gives the puppy a chance. You may get lucky and your puppy may have a light case and pull through. But your odds are not good and I would find a way to see a Vet. asap.

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February 20, 2018

I guess I'm just a paranoid dog owner who needs some questions answered. I have a black Russian terrier puppy who is about 5 months old. Since I just got him his vaccinations weren't started so I did start his course right away, but right after his first vaccination he became lethargic and ate less than he usually did.

Right away I knew something was wrong so I took him to the vet and sure enough it was what I feared most, parvo. I started with supportive meds right away and the vet gave him a daily dose of one 250 ml IV fluids and anti nausea shots. We're still pulling through this even though it is his eighth day and he is showing signs of improvement.

On a side note I would like to say he did not puke blood, but instead clear liquid and he had brown diarrhea with a foul smell. I just wanted to know your opinions on this. He also ate some doggy kibble yesterday. I do have other dogs, but they have been through this ordeal and having strong immune systems; they recovered within two days. I should also note that since I live in Peshawar, Pakistan there isn't any proper type of hospitalization and the vet recommended I take him home.


February 20, 20181 found this helpful
Best Answer

If your dog is eating solid food, he is on his way to recovery. Some dogs take longer than others. If he has a setback you can always call the vet.

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