Nursing a Dog Through Parvo?

Two days ago I found out my dog has been infected with parvo. Is it still possible for me to take her to get vaccinated against it, or will it harm her? Are there any remedies to get her to eat and drink again?

By coco91

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Well I'm happy to say my dog is all better now, she's back to herself, and no thanks to the vet. I was sent home with a big bill and my sick dog, what actually got her better was giving her Pedialyte, and children antibiotics.

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What kind of children's antibiotics? I'm going through the same thing

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What kimd of a children antibiotics

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My dog is 18 months old rottweiler he is dying right now of parvo. I took him to the vet and the vet charged me like 600 bucks and to leave him thete for 4 days it would cost 3,300 or something i argued with the bastered and told his monkey ass were was his integrity. I was part of the community and been taking my animals there since 1992 and that this was bullshit how can he charge me that much for this and why? He had to had made a oath to serve and protect animals and save lives as much as possible i told him how can he let me leave knowing my dog was going to loose his life if he didnt help me. At the end he ended up charging me well the mex lady ended up taking off some medication that she said between me and her was one equal to pepto bismo just another fancy word . and the other fancy word for food was pretty much chicken soup with rice. And some other bullshit she said was fancy words ment not to much. I ended up paying 395 maybe a little more plus120 for visit and parvo test. My dog is drinking like crazy Pedialyte then throwing up. Squirting out blood threw his rectum. Smells terrible but i aint gave up on my pal and wont eather im the kind of person that i ride with my loved ones to the end. I just put 6 raw eggs mixed with Pedialyte. In a bowl he drank all of it and only threw up a little. Please god i wonder can you please save him. He is holding it down like 10 min now. Im crossing my fingers. The meds i bought were the meds to inject under his skin.

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What kind of children antibiotic?

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My 3 year old pit has Parvovirus and I was sent home with IV bags and good luck wishes because $4000 was too much to have her put in the emergency animal hospital. Its day 3 and she just started throwing up and having diarrhea again. What can I give her to help her fight this?

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Penicillin, my puppy has Parvo to u have to keep the puppy or dog well hydrated and penicillin helps

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The sunliners happened to me the doctor sent me home with my dog she's only three months old she's been throwing up white foam stuff and had bloody diarrhea I had also been giving her in a strange Pedialyte and chicken broth I don't know what else to do I don't want to give up on her neither she is so precious I don't understand why animals have to go through this

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What kind of children antibiotics? I have a very sick 5 month old pup

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What type of medicine did you give?
My dog has been sick and shell take water through a syringe but a little info would go a long way

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Childrens amoxicillin

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amoxicillin will do the trick.

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What childrens antibiotics do I give my fo to treat largo?

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Where can you get the antibiotics ?

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Most local feed stores have penecillin and enroxil. These antibiotics I know for a fact helped my dogs get better after parvo

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Pedialite and beef and vegetable baby food. You may have to get it all the way to the back of the mouth and rub throat to make them swallow but keep him hydrated and nourished I save my pit sent home by the vet in this way.

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I have a new pitbull puppy that is fighting for his life right now i tried to take him to the vet today they told me it would be a 1000 dollars for them to look at him and run their test i said wow i dont have that and she told me well just take him home and make him as comfortable as i could i said wow so what he just gets to die???? I said well got you give me some tips cause ive bever dealt with parvo she said no if she did she would have to charge me a consultation fee ???? I said really???? I wanted to run her ass over as i was leaving this breaks my heart i am giving him chicken broth and i gave him a half pepto tablet and giving him pedi lyte also as much as i can poor baby there is a vet that is open tomorrow that will bill me for seeing him please pray he makes it through the night to get him seen

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October 14, 20151 found this helpful

How long keeping them hydrated does it take for you to know they will make it or not ?

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March 27, 20170 found this helpful

Theres really no telling how long its going to take to get them up and well its all about patience.. i been up day and night giving my 4 babies pedialyte the white kind seem to be better and some ammoxicillian and 2 of them are better .. i just need two more babies .. Just give lots of love and fluids to them !

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October 14, 20190 found this helpful

about a week. give very diluted Jello. (pectin) for vomit. pepto bismo for acid in stomach. Baby food with raw egg..protein. force feed by opening mouth...small amounts. Let puppy swallow. Childs antibiotic like amox. Pedialyte to drink use a syringe if necessary.( without the needle).

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hi,my dog has been diagnosed with bearly stages of parvo and is creently just started drinking a little water but not eating food at all,it has already been injected and is going on Tuesday for the vaccination,is this is a sign of recovery for my dog

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September 24, 20190 found this helpful

first off how old is your dog. I have a 9 week old puppy who has early signs of parvo. If you feed him white rice, boiled chicken (with no skin) and mix it in with very little water and heat it up for 20 seconds, that is what my puppy eats, that and wet dog food or Gerber baby food, either chicken, beef, or turkey.

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September 1, 20190 found this helpful

Heres my story. I hope it helps someone else save their pups. I have a litter of puppies we are currently nursing through parvo. At 6 weeks they all received their first round of shots. Within 2 days they were all deathly ill. We started with 8 puppies. 2 died before I could get them to the vet and 2 died while at the vet. They were all diagnosed with Parvo. Somehow they had been exposed to it. When they received their shots the live parvo virus in the immunizations was too much for them as they already had the virus. The vet said that he would gladly treat them, but the around the clock care would be costly. He sent me home with an oral antibiotic, saline, and a complete IV setup. All of this cost me $137. You can also buy these things at your local Tractor Supply or feed store. I started giving each of my 4 puppies 50 cc of saline under the skin every 4 hours around the clock. That was the amount the vet recommended. Hydration is key. They also need a ton of love and reassurance that they arent doing anything wrong. I know it sound strange, but if they think theyre displeasing you theyll get very depressed and may delay recovery. My puppies each get a dose of oral antibiotic first thing in the morning. I give each a teaspoon of low sodium chicken broth about every 2 hours to keep their strength up. They were throwing that up at first, but now theyre holding it down. As far as containment, I have them in the bath tub with bedding at one end and a puppy pad at the other. As soon as the pad is soiled I change it. Ive been washing their paws every time they walk on the soiled pad. Im making sure all bedding stays clean and dry. Ive gone through 2 gallons of bleach in my washing machine in 3 days. The key is to keep them as clean and hydrated as possible. We are now on hour 80 since the first bloody stool and all the puppies are doing great. 3 are eating and playing like nothing ever happened. The last little guy is taking a bit longer to recover, but I expect him to make a full recovery too. I hope this helps someone else save their puppies too. This saved all my puppies that were expected to die.

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September 28, 2009

I know most people believe that if a dog gets parvo, he will die and his only chance is a vet. But that is not true. Several years ago I took a pup I had to the vet and was told he had parvo and they would keep him for a day or two and give him a IV to keep him hydrated, but chances of him living was 25% and it would cost me $300 or more. I could nor afford it so we brought him home and gave him Pepto-Bismol (generic), Pedialyte (yes what you give babies) and broth (I gave him chicken and beef broth). The vet gave me antibiotics. His name is BJ and he is a very healthy and active dog now. You just have to be willing to take time to truly care for your dog.


By Laurene from Chillicothe, Ohio


Nursing A Dog Through Parvo

Never give your dog human medication (including Pepto Bismol and other OTC meds) without first consulting with your vet about safety, dosage, etc. Some human OTC meds are toxic to dogs. (02/18/2008)

Nursing A Dog Through Parvo

I had a friend who recently had her two golden lab pups from the same litter get parvo. I helped her take care of them. Both received the same meds and care. Both really had to be coaxed at first to drink any water and forcing them didn't seem to work. I was glad when one started to he drink water on his own. He was sick about 3 days before he started drinking water. Besides the meds from the vet, we then gave him chicken broth, finely cut chicken and rice. He gradually ate more and more of it. The other refused water and quickly became lethargic, and when he was taken back to the vet, the vet said he could do nothing for him. They lost the one pup, but were able to pull the other thru. It depends how sick the the pup gets.

Every puppy that is sick should be taken to a vet to see what he has and only if the vet thinks you can care for him at home, should he be nursed at home. Even then the outcome can't be known. You can lose the animal no matter how much love and care you give it.

By Harriet Schipper

Nursing A Dog Through Parvo

When my dog (a Rottweiler) got parvo (he was up on all his shots), we were unable to force feed him any liquids at all, so we did incur that hefty vet bill. He survived, but I believe the mitigating factor was that we caught it early, before he became too dehydrated. (02/19/2008)

By susan

Nursing A Dog Through Parvo

I think you may just have been incredibly lucky. A dog of mine got parvo from the dog next door. Mine got taken to the vets and lovingly nursed but he still died. Next door's got left to fend for itself in the garden and it survived.
Actually, implying that people don't somehow care for their pets if they happen to die is insensitive to say the least.

By Su Wilson

Nursing A Dog Through Parvo

The best way to force feed a puppy is like what I've been doing for two week's with my 10 month old shepherd/lab puppy, is a medicine syringe that you can get from any drug store, i put the syringe into the bowl of pedialyte or water and suck it up in the syringe ,then put it into my pup's mouth a little at a time. My dog has made it through parvo, but could have heart problems because of the virus now. I hope this helps and good luck to you. (06/18/2008)

By bee37

Nursing A Dog Through Parvo

Parvo is a disease of puppies, 18 months of age and younger, so older dogs will not get it, but if you have puppies under the age of 18 months, you would want to preventatively treat them with Parvaid -

Information about treating parvo successfully at home:

For less than $50, Paraid (organic herbal formula) helped heal 5 of our puppies (after the vet killed one puppy and euthanized another) at home. We didn't lose one puppy and the worst one was 100% well within 24 hours of starting the Parvaid. So it saved our own puppies and us, since we didn't have $7200 the vet wanted to treat them for his 0% success rate with our first two puppies who got it.

There are retail stores who carry here:


By Julie

Nursing A Dog Through Parvo

My 8 month old White German Shephard was diagnosed Parvo-positive a week ago. I have 3 other dogs in the house and the vet suggested I leave her at the vets. Friends of mine had done that twice and both dogs died. I brought her home and kept her hydrated with IV and after 2 days of not eating I tried chicken and rice 1st stage baby food which she ate the whole 6 oz jar in about 10 seconds. The main thing is to keep them hydrated and the IV was the best thing I could of done. I took the antibiotics and anti-nausea pills that too is important.

My opinion is the vets are over-charging for this care that can be done at home and with very little money. She ate boiled chicken and rice Saturday night and I made home made baby food from that and broth which she is now eating with a little of her own food mixed in. The one thing that worried me though is she didn't have a bowel movement until yesterday but she hadn't eaten anything solid for the whole week either. Last week I thought for sure she wasn't going to make it but now I am pretty positive she is coming out of this Parvo-nightmare. (07/13/2009)

By Lydia

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