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Restoring Shine to Magnalite Pots

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How can I bring back the shine on my Magnalite pots after putting them through the dishwasher? They are very old and have turned dark grey. Please help.

By Suzanne from Summerville, SC


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By Lizzyanny [9]03/11/2011

Try Barkeepers Friend.

By Bobbie Hudson-Penick03/10/2011

I have a large magnalite collection & any good aluminum polish will bring back the shine. You can also use stainless steel cleaner like Cameo. Here is a link with many suggestions and links to products on restoring the shine.

By Peggy [61]03/10/2011

Don't you just love those pots?? I have about 4 sizes and they are all I use anymore. I never put mine in the dishwasher, nothing ever sticks and if it does just a little soaking and it comes right out.
You might try scrubbing with baking soda, works on silver and other things.
Good luck!

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