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How Many Ounces is a No. 303 Can?

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I have an old recipe that calls for a NO. 303 can of fruit cocktail. What size can would that be in ounces? It is used in a great recipe for a fruit cocktail cake that is very moist. Thanks for any help on this.

Pat from Texas



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By redskin. [4]01/21/2009

I found this, didn't know this either.

Can Size____Volume of Food_______Weight of Food
No. 1________1+1/4 cups__________10+1/2 - 12 oz.
No. 300______1+3/4 cups______________14 - 16 oz.
No. 303__________2 cups_______________16 - 17 oz.
No. 2________2+1/2 cups__________________20 oz.
No. 2+1/2____3+1/2 cups______________27 - 29 oz.
No. 3________5+3/4 cups__________________51 oz.
No. 10___________3 quarts____6+1/2 lb. - 7 lb ; 5 oz.

RE: How Many Ounces is a No. 303 Can?

By (Guest Post)12/29/2008

16-17 oz.

By Pat in Texas (Guest Post)12/28/2008

Thanks to all who responded to my question. I really appreciate all of you. I will post the recipe on this site soon. It makes a very delicious moist cake. And is very simple to make.

By (Guest Post)12/28/2008

Approximately 16-17 oz in a 303 can. This will be about 2 cups.

By Pat from Texas (Guest Post)12/23/2008

Thanks to all for the replies to my question. I have an old recipe my Mom used a lot for a Fruit Cocktail cake. It very moist and so good!

By Harry (Guest Post)12/22/2008

From google it says 303 is equal to 2 cups or 16/17 ounces

By Jess [119]12/22/2008

I googled it and it said 16-17 oz.

By Carol12/22/2008

Roughly 15 1/2 ounces.

By (Guest Post)12/22/2008

16-17 ounces/2 cups

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