Pee Stains Around Toilet


What can I use to clean the pee stain around my comode? I have tried everything.

By Bettyone from Cocoa, FL


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By Myrna 15 1,062 05/04/2009

Have you tried a saturated rag with vinegar and leave it lay around the stained area? Old calcium deposits are difficult to remove and may require soaking or try using Lime Away on the rag and let set awhile on the area. You may have to do this several times to get good results.

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By Melynda Sorrels 6 05/06/2009

A pumice stone dipped in baking soda will get rid of any toilet stain, but be careful as it could scratch the porcelain. You can also try pouring a can of regular Coca-Cola in there and leaving it overnight.

Good Luck!


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By Joan 14 122 05/08/2009

Krud Kutter from Lowe's at about $13 a gallon. Put in spray bottle and spray on stain. Let sit a short time, then rinse. Stain should be gone; if not, respray and let it sit longer. It can be used at various dilutions for most cleaning. Don't need to wear rubber gloves, either! Took soot off a wall from the furnace 'burping', tar off my car, dog stains off couch, etc. Read the dilution, though I usually use it full strength EXCEPT on wood! Full strength, will strip stain off wood, but not harm paint.

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If you're talking about on the toilet itself the ideas here are good but if you're talking about a stain on the linoleum 'around' the toilet it's possible that it's not pee pee stain but discoloration from water seepage underneath the linoleum and there's no way to remove that stain because the linoleum has been damaged. That sort of stain is caused because the toilet wasn't 'seated/set' properly and water seeps through the toilet seating ring in to the subfloor.

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By Susan Wolfe 20 38 05/09/2009

Have you tried a vinegar soak? It's amazing the tough jobs vinegar can conquer. I don't know what I would do without my gallon of vinegar handy. It's very amazing "handy-dandy" stuff. Would you consider posting what results worked as I, for one, would love to know. Thanks!

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