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Washing Clothes With Concrete Dust on Them

concrete worker

Your job or a home project may leave concrete dust on your clothing. This is a guide about washing clothes with concrete dust on them.



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Question: Washing Clothes With Concrete Dust On Them

My son-in-law works construction, he works with concrete. My daughter can't seem to find a way to get his clothes clean. She says his work clothes hold the concrete dust even after they are washed. She has tried shaking them outside before washing and using an extra rinse in the wash with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions?




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By Rachel (Guest Post)09/20/2007

I'm actually reading to find out what works. I feel so embarrassed about my husband's clothing, because he goes to work looking like his clothes are dirty even though there clean, really clean. I soak them right away and then put them in the washer and it doesn't seem to work at all. I guess I'll try the vinegar and baking soda. I hope that works.

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