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White Film On Dishes

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I have been using Palmolive dishwasher liquid in my dishwasher. I have noticed that my dishes are coming out with a white film all over them. I contacted our local water company. They told me that the problem is not with the water. The problem is with the phosphates being removed from the dishwasher soaps.

I have checked the different brands of dishwasher soaps, both powders and liquids, and they all seem to have the phosphates removed. Since the phosphates have been removed, what can I do to get the dishes clean and free from the white film when the dishes come out of the dishwasher? Thanks for your help.

By Janet from Joplin, MO


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By Suntydt [75]11/22/2011

My mom had the problem with white residue on her glasses. She tried the vinegar trick but it didn't work. She found a product that did the trick. It was a Finish product called "Quantum". It looks like a square yin yang with a red ball in the center of it. She has only had to use it three times in the past two months. Use them as needed I guess. Looks like you use one and it cleans things up for a few weeks until you need another.

By Jody T.08/09/2011

Here's another solution. CitriClean of Florida also makes a powder that you add to each wash cycle. It's all natural and contains no phosphate. The nice part is that you use 1-2 tablespoons of CitriClean and only 1 tablespoon of your normal detergent. I use the cheapest store brand detergent and it works great with CitriClean. Dishes and the inside of my dishwasher look like new again.

By neuroticmom [9]11/09/2010

I never had problems till we moved and we have hard water now. My dishes and silverware were a mess. I started using Lemi shine. Works great. Found it the cheapest at Walmart.

By Jeri11/06/2010

I have hard water in my area. I've used the Lemi-Shine and it works great. It's in a yellow bottle with a green top. It is kind of expensive. Found it at Wal-mart

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