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Caption for Pictures of Children

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Need Caption for Pictures

Need Caption for Pictures

This is from an eight picture collage of my two children. One is dressed as a Rapunzle, and the other as Carmen Miranda. The box for the caption is so little, so I need a short caption to tie in the whimsical and imaginary side to this. The daughter who is Rapunzel has short curly hair in reality, so to see her with long hair was great! Please help!

Lauren E from Atlanta, Ga



Recent Answers

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By CaroleeRose [54]09/15/2010

"Just Imagine"

By Karen Lawson (Guest Post)11/10/2008

They are just beautiful! I like the caption, 'Girls just want to have fun!' or 'Sugar and Spice'

By kathy [9]11/09/2008

girls just wanna have fun

You look Maaaarrrv-e-lous darlin'

simply irrisistable

By SATellite (Guest Post)11/08/2008

"Midnight at the Oasis wearing glass slippers"

By Beverly (Guest Post)11/08/2008

Fairytales are wonderful!
The Land of Oz

By JC (Guest Post)11/07/2008

Girls just want to have fun!

Ain't We Sweet?

Two to Tango!

Can't take my eyes off of you!

When you're smilin' - the whole world smiles with you...

By (Guest Post)11/07/2008

actually be-u-ti-ful

By michaela [1]11/07/2008


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