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Why Did Puppy Get Parvo After Starting Shots?

My Shih Tzu is 10 weeks old today and was diagnosed with Parvo. He has already started his shots, will that help him out or will it be worse? He's hospitalized on an i.v.. He weighed 3lbs, now he's down to 2lbs. Can he survive and why did he get the virus after he had started his shots?


Dana from Gadsden, AL

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June 25, 20080 found this helpful

Bear in mind that I'm not a vet and even if I were a vet I'm not there to see your dog. However, my husband IS a vet and I've worked with him for 22+ years so I do know some things.

First, just starting the vacs. does not supply total immunity. A dog needs the complete series to get the full benefit.

Second, parvo is terribly contagious and exposure is easy to come by. There is some belief that it will lessen the effects of parvo if the vacs. have been started.

Third, a healthy (before the sickness) puppy has a better chance of surviving. If your dog was in good health, fed well, etc. the chances are better for a recovery. Fourth, DO NOT listen to those who may tell you to "take him home and care for him yourself" because you cannot do the IV's for rehydration and injections to prevent vomiting and the very close care that parvo requires. Your vet can keep an eye on him and do immediatly what needs to be done.

One question: Has a diagnosis of parvo been made or is this maybe corona? Corona is a puppy illness much like parvo but not nearly as deadly. Either way, leave him there and let the pros do what they're trained and practiced in doing.

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February 9, 20161 found this helpful

You can care for your pet at home an you can use ivs at home.. remember most vets are for money not the love of the pet. They do not care if

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November 19, 20161 found this helpful

Amen on that!!! I'd rather have my puppy home and happy while getting better then laying in an old cold crate for days and nights!!! And they would feel better around their family instead of strangers...

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December 14, 20160 found this helpful

Had two puppy's and the mommy. The one puppy did not make it. But the other did. We did the I.v at home but here is the difference. Each day 2xs a day I would bring her back. They gave her the I.V and the shoots needed. Had to wait until so many cc's were given. Then came back in the evening before closing. Gave her the 3rd shoot of that has the parvo vaccine in it. And next week she will get the other which is the 10 in one that has the corona and bordatella as well as the corona. I give 3shots that has the parvo then the one with the corona. ALL my animals their

shoots. Even my horses. It's a sad thing to see a puppy fighting for their life as to any animal

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December 23, 20161 found this helpful

I have had a total of four dogs in my lifetime to have parvo. None of them where taken to the vet and all four survived. Not saying that it was easy asl did not sleep for over two weeks. I gave water and enigma every hour and amoxicillan. I have recently gotten a new puppy but I opted for the shots. Parvo is deadly but can be treated at home but it will take a lot of time patience and love to get threw it. My advice is to get the shots! It is heart breaking to see your fur baby as sick as mine had gotten. Parvo is no joke.

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March 19, 20170 found this helpful

So sorry to be a bother I have a 4 month old Chihuahua he has had 2 sets of his parvo shots he weighs 2 pounds 6.2 ounces well did before yesterday he has lost some he started yesterday not eating and playing but before he was a very playful but last night his poop started getting runnier and today it's just a light brown/gray and he has no energy I gave him some of the stuff the vet gave me for my other chihuahua who is hyperglycemic (low sugar) to make sure it stayed up and been giving him Gatorade with a syringe to kee him hydrated what should I do I don't want to lose him but can't afford to pay a vet a lot of money

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March 20, 20170 found this helpful

It would be better to post a new question so that our members can answer it. Your question probably won't be seen in a post from 2008 and I think you need answers quickly.

Here is a link to our question submission page. You can sign up with your email address or use Facebook for your sign in. You should get answers in about a day.

http://www2.thr … asso?share_id=11

Good luck!

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March 28, 20170 found this helpful

I had a dog that had gotten parvo and nursed her back to health on my own but now I'm wanting to get a puppy that's 11 weeks old and is getting ready to have her first rounds of u think it's safe to get her .....and when do u think it's okay to let it around my other dogs!! The one that had the parvo never got a shot for it so didn't know if she would be a carrier

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May 25, 20171 found this helpful

My 6.5 month Rott puppy caught parvo and I myself gave her the 3 series of shots. ( I do recommened a 4th now since the first really doesn't work since the mom's protection is still present) I used 7-in 1 from Jefferies. I gave her last shots in March, in fact I had to give it twice since she pulled away as I was injecting the shot. She came down sick and I took her the 2nd day after she started vomiting, Parvo was the last thing I expected since I gave her all her shots. I kept her monthly heart worm prevention, gave her k9 advantage ii, and monthly worming. I have 4 other dogs which did not catch this. The Vet told me some doesn't build a immune against it even if given the shots, though since she had the shots she should make a full recovery. This is day 4 of having the symptoms, 3 days at the Vet to assure she gets all the fluids needed and the antibiotics and other things she can get at a last moment. Vet stated yesterday that the night before she had diarrhea but they are giving her fluids, and she is still groggy, but he said that's due from having to sedate her, guess she's aggressive from not feeling good. She wasn't aggressive before. I read several articles stating that if they survive on the 4th day they have a 90% chance of fully recovery, each day brings better chances.. I never have company (new here) our yard is fence, being military I always treat the house and yard, so knowing someone had to bring it to our house on their shoes, We only have 3 people (construction workers at our house) in the last month after hearing that she would of caught it if it was still present in my yard before now, Vet did state that he's pretty sure that the men had to bring it. I did contact them told them to treat their houses and shoes. I have bleached my floors, used bleach in all my washables, and used extra heat on the dryer and threw the toys in the washer with bleach, I even put bleach with water in a bottle and sprayed the rugs and furniture, (so far nothing ruined) I then used 1 part bleach to 4 parts water in my carpet cleaner and cleaned the rugs ( If you don't have a rug doctor I wouldn't do it, other brands keep the floor wet meaning you didn't get all the bleach up and it will ruin the rugs) I then used water and lysol in the solution and rinsed the rugs with it. For the Yard clean up all poop, then get a sprayer and mix 1 part bleach with 3 parts water. Coat the yard really good. I never had grass die from it but oh well if it did. Kennels were cleaned and I moved them to another area keep treating the ground in the kennels for a couple days to make sure the bleach solution would get into the soil..Sun will kill it too but takes a while. If you don't want to use bleach get a steam machine, heat over 140 will kill it. I'll be calling today to check on Abby as I have each day 2x.. I'm hoping to hear good news. I know she won't be eating for a day or so.. Will ask if he wants me to bring some boiled chicken with rice for her. For everyone else always treat your yards and homes before introducing, though this maynot be 100% like in my case it's a help.. Now I will not allow anyone in the house with shoes and have a bleach wipe at the gate so visitors can wipe off the bottoms of their shoes.

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July 3, 20170 found this helpful


Terrific post. How is Abby now?

My huge fully Parvo vaccinated 9 month old American Scot/Stanford cross "Max" was admitted into hospital yesterday with full blown Parvo & is now literally being kept alive intravenously & can't than you enough for the hints on cleaning. But to go off on a tangent, I didn't give a thought to why he is so calm, I presumed it was the virus, you state here that yours was being sedated, do you know if they do that as a matter of course? For Max is the least aggressive dog I or anyone has ever met. Many thanks, Samantha

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July 14, 20170 found this helpful

Can puppies get provo after 2 shots already

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June 25, 20080 found this helpful

There's another thing I forgot earlier. You wondered why, since the vacs. were started, the pup still got parvo. Where did he get his vac.? Many times owners get vaccine from the pet store or feed store and several things can happen to the med. before the pup gets it. Sometimes the store doesn't handle it properly. We sometimes got vaccine in that was not on ice (summer delivery that arrived on Monday after being shipped on Friday) and we would refuse delivery. All places don't do that because they don't realize the importance of keeping it cold. Then if it was still good owners sometimes leave it in the car and get it warm. Sometimes they don't give the injection properly. If your vet gave the vac. all this is for nothing but I had to ask...

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June 26, 20080 found this helpful

I just wanted you to know we're thinking of you and your puppy. Please keep us updated.

Grandma Jan and Kato the Wonder Dog

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July 1, 20080 found this helpful

Dana - My shih-tzu and I are thinking of you and yours. We are hoping for the best. :) Kathy & Lily

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July 23, 20080 found this helpful

Have you checked with the breeder to see if the other puppies also have parvo? Maybe when you bought him, he was already infected. We lost 2 dogs to parvo about 20 years ago. I hope he gets better.

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October 21, 20081 found this helpful

My puppy also has had his shots. He is about 18 weeks old and got his shots about two months ago. About 3 days ago he started having diarrhea. Today he is kind of lethargic. He still eats on his own and drinks on his own. Could this still be parvo?

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April 15, 20092 found this helpful

#1: Yes your dog can get Parvo during the time of the vaccination, any time during the series. They inject a live virus into the dog. A dog with a weak immune system can't handle the live virus being injected in them

#2: It takes 3 days to incubate, the Parvo could have come from the vaccination or poorly cleaned vets exam room.

#3:Breeders rarely admit they have any problems and try to hide things to keep from being sued.

#4:Parvo is a virus and as such is treated like any other virus, antibiotics and lots of fluids. Vets also say once bleeding occurs theres nothing left to do... WRONG again! Proper treatment can be done at home and successfully but it takes a lot of effort and time.The tough part is the constant hourly treatment especially for just one person. I just did it for two dogs by myself using Parvaid, Pedialyte, Gatorade, Beef Liver, Amoxicillen and then chicken broth and soft canned dog food. Both dogs pulled through and are now active and eating on their own again. Both had bloody stools and urine and on one occasion each threw up blood but BOTH survived!

The biggest thing is keeping them hydrated during the early and mid phases as well as keeping their electrolytes up too, that's where the pedialyte and Gatorade work. The Beef Liver helps their blood and liver while the Parvaid coats the intestines and stomach.

Parvo incubates for three days then attacks the intestines and bone marrow. It does this for 7 to 10 days then it takes 6 weeks to completely rid the dog of it, during that time do not vaccinate that or any dog it is in contact with!

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July 26, 20091 found this helpful

Parvo incubation is three to ten days; if you took your pup to the vet for shots within ten days of bringing it home--the answer is likely the dog brought it home from the breeder.

Would let the breeder know ( if the breeder doesn't know already)--the entire litter likely has it.

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December 31, 20100 found this helpful

Did your vet give the shot or did you get them from a feed store? I had 5 puppies get parvo and they all had three shots. I bought them and gave them myself. I purchased them from Tractor Supply. I learned the hard way, saving a few bucks isn't worth my pups lives. My vet said the shots don't prevent them from getting parvo, but if they do get it, it wont be as bad. Well, if this isn't as bad, I would hate to see bad. If your pup is at the vet and they are giving him the fluids and antibiotics, he should pull through. All mine started eating on day 4. I lost one out of 5. And I gave the fluids and meds myself. Good luck.

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June 6, 20170 found this helpful

You are better off with shots from a small local feed store. I had two dogs come down with Parvo after Tractor Supply shots. Their stuff goes to a warehouse before going to the stores and there is no way they can actually keep the stuff cold enough to keep it potent.

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July 10, 20150 found this helpful

I recently lost a 4 mo old pup to parvo and she had two of her shots, she was taken to the vet and I was given antibiotics for an infection tht occurs with the virus, I had given her solo ject and the vet claimed tht was one not recommended, thy recommended spectra, both bought in store, parvo can't be treated but the effects can until thy pull thru which may tke a week, luckily u caught it in an early stage, mine wasn't admitted cuz she was already to dehydrated to get an IV in her so leave her at the vet. U need to bleach newhere the pup pooped or vomited cuz it stays a yr I think. I tried to keep mine alive and didn't have enuff funds for other meds, I gave her the antibiotics, Greek yogurt which soothes the stomach, and pedialyte but lost her nine days later, I thought she was gonna pull thru lasting tht long but it was to late. I found tht the ppl before me had one with parvo and the spot I took her to go potty was where id took my dog according to my neighbors. It coulda came from ur own yard if it isn't fenced and other animals come up, its hard to pinpoint where thy get it if thy go places and if I've had her awhile already it more likely came from your yard or sum where uve tken her, all it takes is for them to walk thru an infected area to get it

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July 2, 20160 found this helpful

I got a great dane puppy she 2 and half months old had first shot ? We're from but she got parvo luck I catch it early stay week at vet till my money ran out but she now 3 mounth old and alive just skin and bone right now went from 40 bl to 10 now just wondering how long take to get her wait back

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