My Dog Is Sick After Getting a Parvo/Distemper Shot


My 4 month old chihuahua just got the Parvo/Distemper shot and is now sick, do you think she has Parvo? She isn't throwing up, but she has stopped eating and has yellow diarrhea. We are on day 3 now from the shot, day 2 of diarrhea and day 2 of no eating. I'm able to keep fluids in her and I'm forcing pedialyte down her.


Should I try the bleach mixture trick I'm reading about? She isn't wanting to move now and it's scaring me. She is my baby and I love her so much. She seems so tired and depressed. I have needles and saline in case I have to start injecting her. But as long as she isn't throwing up, she is absorbing. Right?

Shannon from Orland, CA

Editor's Note: Please call the vet that administered the shots.


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The same thing happened to my dog just days ago. Gave him the parvo shot I bought from the feed store. 24 hours later, he had diarrhea. 48 hours later, vomiting and diarrhea. Today, the diarrhea is beginning to clear up and solidify, and the vomiting has stopped.

You have to remember, the Parvo vaccine contains dead OR LIVE (but damaged) Parvo virus.

Some vaccines contain more injured parvo viruses than others, and allowing the vaccine to reach room temperature like I did does not good, as it allows the viruses the time to become active.

It's not an allergic reaction, what your dog is experiencing is a very MILD case of Parvo brought on by the vaccine.

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June 25, 2008

My Shih Tzu is 10 weeks old today and was diagnosed with Parvo. He has already started his shots, will that help him out or will it be worse? He's hospitalized on an i.v.. He weighed 3lbs, now he's down to 2lbs. Can he survive and why did he get the virus after he had started his shots?

Dana from Gadsden, AL


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Bear in mind that I'm not a vet and even if I were a vet I'm not there to see your dog. However, my husband IS a vet and I've worked with him for 22+ years so I do know some things.
First, just starting the vacs. does not supply total immunity. A dog needs the complete series to get the full benefit.
Second, parvo is terribly contagious and exposure is easy to come by. There is some belief that it will lessen the effects of parvo if the vacs. have been started.
Third, a healthy (before the sickness) puppy has a better chance of surviving. If your dog was in good health, fed well, etc. the chances are better for a recovery. Fourth, DO NOT listen to those who may tell you to "take him home and care for him yourself" because you cannot do the IV's for rehydration and injections to prevent vomiting and the very close care that parvo requires. Your vet can keep an eye on him and do immediatly what needs to be done.
One question: Has a diagnosis of parvo been made or is this maybe corona? Corona is a puppy illness much like parvo but not nearly as deadly. Either way, leave him there and let the pros do what they're trained and practiced in doing.

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There's another thing I forgot earlier. You wondered why, since the vacs. were started, the pup still got parvo. Where did he get his vac.? Many times owners get vaccine from the pet store or feed store and several things can happen to the med. before the pup gets it. Sometimes the store doesn't handle it properly. We sometimes got vaccine in that was not on ice (summer delivery that arrived on Monday after being shipped on Friday) and we would refuse delivery. All places don't do that because they don't realize the importance of keeping it cold. Then if it was still good owners sometimes leave it in the car and get it warm. Sometimes they don't give the injection properly. If your vet gave the vac. all this is for nothing but I had to ask...

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#1: Yes your dog can get Parvo during the time of the vaccination, any time during the series. They inject a live virus into the dog. A dog with a weak immune system can't handle the live virus being injected in them
#2: It takes 3 days to incubate, the Parvo could have come from the vaccination or poorly cleaned vets exam room.
#3:Breeders rarely admit they have any problems and try to hide things to keep from being sued.

#4:Parvo is a virus and as such is treated like any other virus, antibiotics and lots of fluids. Vets also say once bleeding occurs theres nothing left to do... WRONG again! Proper treatment can be done at home and successfully but it takes a lot of effort and time.The tough part is the constant hourly treatment especially for just one person. I just did it for two dogs by myself using Parvaid, Pedialyte, Gatorade, Beef Liver, Amoxicillen and then chicken broth and soft canned dog food. Both dogs pulled through and are now active and eating on their own again. Both had bloody stools and urine and on one occasion each threw up blood but BOTH survived!

The biggest thing is keeping them hydrated during the early and mid phases as well as keeping their electrolytes up too, that's where the pedialyte and Gatorade work. The Beef Liver helps their blood and liver while the Parvaid coats the intestines and stomach.

Parvo incubates for three days then attacks the intestines and bone marrow. It does this for 7 to 10 days then it takes 6 weeks to completely rid the dog of it, during that time do not vaccinate that or any dog it is in contact with!

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Parvo incubation is three to ten days; if you took your pup to the vet for shots within ten days of bringing it home--the answer is likely the dog brought it home from the breeder.

Would let the breeder know ( if the breeder doesn't know already)--the entire litter likely has it.

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Did your vet give the shot or did you get them from a feed store? I had 5 puppies get parvo and they all had three shots. I bought them and gave them myself. I purchased them from Tractor Supply. I learned the hard way, saving a few bucks isn't worth my pups lives. My vet said the shots don't prevent them from getting parvo, but if they do get it, it wont be as bad. Well, if this isn't as bad, I would hate to see bad. If your pup is at the vet and they are giving him the fluids and antibiotics, he should pull through. All mine started eating on day 4. I lost one out of 5. And I gave the fluids and meds myself. Good luck.

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June 24, 2010

Why is my puppy sick after her parvo and dewormer shots?

By letty


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Contact your vet.

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I gave my pupy. His ahots. My. Pupy is. Sick. Dirrehea.

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I am not a pet owner, but I love dogs. My ante has many types of Dogs in the house and they never had a success on raising a newly born puppies. My estimate of dead puppies after getting the shot are not less than 5, I think 3 dies just this week one survive, but for how long? No one can tell.

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August 5, 2020

My dog just had a parvo shot. He has been breathing heavily and is very antsy. He is also throwing up and constantly shaking his head. Could this be a severe reaction from the shot?


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This does not sound good and I would recommend that you call your vet immediately and take him back in. He could have an allergic reaction to the shot, or the dog could have parvo and the shot just enhanced it. If he is throwing up like this there is really something wrong and he needs to go back to the vet immediately. I would not wait and would call and get him back in as soon as you possibly can.

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I hope your baby either got better or you have contacted the vet.
Some pets do have some sort of reaction but usually it does not last but a few hours.

Some pets will have a reaction to shots/vaccinations and usually vets give a leaflet telling you what to expect and when you should call back. Apparently this did not happen for you so do not take a chance; contact the vet (if your baby is not better or you have already done so).

The following is the kind of information that is found in 'after vaccination care' leaflets:

"Just as with human vaccines, mild symptoms can be ignored. The majority of reactions are mild and short lived. If you suspect a more severe reaction to puppy vaccines or dog vaccines, such as facial swelling, vomiting or lethargy, you should contact your veterinarian immediately."

"The signs may be facial swelling, itching, weakness, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, shock and death. Treatment consists of administration of epinephrine, antihistamines and supportive care. Just as with human vaccines, mild symptoms can be ignored. The majority of reactions are mild and short lived. If you suspect a more severe reaction to puppy vaccines or dog vaccines, such as facial swelling, vomiting or lethargy, you should contact your veterinarian immediately."

"A few dogs will develop more severe reactions that are forms of hypersensitivity (allergy). These will usually occur within minutes, but may be delayed for a few hours. The dog may salivate, vomit, develop diarrhea, hives, or have difficulty breathing. Should this occur, consult your veterinarian immediately."

Your vet will have this in their records so they will know what to do before administering the second shots but be sure to remind the vet when you go in for more shots
Should you change vets be very sure to see that this information is placed in their records as they have to give medication BEFORE giving the shots.
But, whatever you do, please do not stop getting his shots in a timely manner as they are very important for his future heath.
Most of these shots/vaccinations will have 2 or 3 more shots for your dog to be completely safe/protected from diseases.

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July 12, 2020

My 9 week old puppy got the parvo shot yesterday and he's not eating and he keeps throwing up, but it's just water and fluid I think. We gave him the medicine they told us to and we injected the fluids just like they told us.

He also has been sleeping all day. I'm asking is it's normal for my dog to be doing this after the shot.


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When my dogs all got their first shots the vet told me for the first 24 hours the dog can get sick and not feel well at all. They also told me if this lasted longer then I needed to call them and get the dog back to the vet immediately to have him looked at. I never had an issue with my dogs throwing up after their first shots. I think I would actually call the vet and talk with them to see if you can bring the dog back in right now and have him checked out. I would not wait a long time to do this one because the dog can have an allergic reaction to the shot or there could be another issue with the dog.

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From research I've seen this is pretty normal but pups do not all react the same way after getting shots (same as people) but you are paying this vet so use them - call and ask questions because your worries should be addressed. Try to write down exactly what is happening and time also as this is what they will need to know.
Be sure to have water and try and coax him to drink (but not force). Maybe add a small piece of ice to the water.

Hope he is all better now.

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I just bought a puppy. The man told me she's 8 weeks old. He said she was good on everything for another 2 weeks. Well when I got her home she was eating and playing. Later that night she started to throw up. All it was was dry dog food. She had gotten into my big dog's food instead of her wet food.

My mom got really scared and took her to the feed and seeds store and bought her a parvo shot because we just recently lost a dog to parvo and it scares my mom. She said that that man could have been lying and we asked the people at the feed and seed would it hurt her if we gave it to her early. They said no. It was the 5 in 1 shot. So we gave her the shot.

Now she's not wanting to eat her food at all. Sheis drinking water, but she will throw it up from time to time within a couple of hours of drinking it. For the most part she's keeping it down. She has diarrhea. It's like orangish and stinks. I don't know if its just some side effects or what. But we're getting scared for her. Any comments would be greatly appreciated on what to do. Thank you.

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Just yesterday I noticed my puppy threw up white fluid, but I didn't think too much about because he sometimes throws up when he drinks too much water for him to process. This morning he had an appointment to get his last set of shots! Everything was good. He was playing with his boys up until later tonight when I noticed his behavior changed.

He is not as fully energetic as he would be. And he also keeps gagging like he wants to throw up, but doesn't. I also have not seen him have any diarrhea. My question is did/is the vaccine going to effect him if he does have parvo? Should I take him to an emergency clinic although this symptoms arent too noticeable?

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July 6, 2019

My boyfriend gave my 5 puppies their parvo shots. 2 of the puppies are acting weird and can't walk or move, but they still have their appetite!

My son feeds them through a syringe so they always have something in their system! What do we do?

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June 10, 2019

My Chi is almost 8 months had her DHPP & rabies shot 11 hours ago. She has gotten sick twice within this hour. Is this normal? She has never thrown up like this.

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June 24, 2010

I adopted a 4 month old lab from the animal shelter on Tuesday 2/2/10. They gave her a rabies shot and the parvo shot before I left.

Puppy is Sick After Parvo Shot

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January 13, 2011

My 4 month old chihuahua just got the Parvo/Distemper shot and is now sick, do you think she has Parvo? She isn't throwing up, but she has stopped eating and has yellow diarrhea.

Symptoms After Parvo/Distemper Shot

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