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Lipstick Causing Chapped Lips

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Lipstick seems to be making my lips so chapped! I've tried different brands of lipsticks and lip balms (even Burt's Bees) but nothing seems to make them smooth and soft. They seem to be getting worse.

I love the longevity of the Max Factor Lipfinity but those types really do a number. I work in an office and need to wear make-up. I really can't go without lipstick. Does anyone else have this problem or can recommend a solution?




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By Donna 05/07/2010

I agree - I used to use a lip balm made by Neutrogena - the color was perfect & it was very soothing. I had 5-6 tubes at one time (caught it on sale). Unfortunately they stopped making it & I haven't found anything that comes close. I do however use Mentholatum (not Vick's Vaborub) every night and have for 40+ years. It is the most soothing thing I have found for chapped lips! I use it during the day when I am at home. Burt's Bees is better tolerated than many, but still irritates. Why can't they just market something that's good for the lips & looks good??

By Dianne C. (Guest Post)02/17/2009

I had used Lipfinity for over two years when, suddenly, overnight on vacation on PEI last July, I woke up one morning with swollen lips and eruptions like blisters across the top lip (my husband called me "Diangelina"! Gradually the swelling went down but now, in February, I still have a problem using any kind of lip color -- it looks great for a day, and overnight I get pain and flaking that will last for several days. Walmart has a Vitamin E "stick" (in the vitamin aisle near Vit. E) for 99 cents that I have been using with best results for healing. Every time the lips seem normal, I will use the E stick under any lip color but the same thing happens. I came on this site to find help and found reference to, Jane brand lipstick at Walmart, and (which I will try) in previous comments. A girl at the Lancome counter in our local mall just told me on the phone that they have products that won't cause my allergic reaction, and I think I'll try one of those, too. I'm 71 years old and really need lip color! Thanks for this site.

By pink (Guest Post)08/20/2008

I have the same problem too! Lipsticks dry out my lips every time. A friend who has a history of chapped lips gave me Body Shop's Born Lippy Strawberry Lip Balm for Christmas and it worked! My lips don't chap anymore. The lip balm has a nice pink/red color to it and smells nice too. The only problem is that it doesn't last very long.

By Jess [119]04/04/2008

I have been really happy with Aveeno's lip balm. Badger Balm also had a good one, but it is harder to find. I tend to have chapped lips often because I suffer from allergies and have a stuffed nose much of the year.

If you want "lipstick", I recently purchased some Lancome lipstick and it is very nice. It goes on very smooth and moisturizes too. It is more expensive but is so much better.

By dryskin gal (Guest Post)03/19/2008

AQUAPHOR!!!! this is your answer!! i have really dry skin (eczema) and my lips always need to be moisturized... you can buy Aquaphor at walgreens, walmart, cvs, etc. It also can be used anywhere else on your body. My dermatologist told me about it and now i have all my friends hooked. Also try not to lick your lips... and yes drink a lot of H2O.

p.s. vaseline works... but not for everyone...

By betty (Guest Post)08/30/2007

Yes Ricki, I have the same problem! I don't know what to do, because I need lipstick because I am so fair.

By (Guest Post)02/16/2007

Use Burts Beeswax Chapstick. Most chapsticks are made out of synthetic ingredients that just end up making your lips more chapped. Trust me, I'm a guy so I don't know much about cosmetics but I use Burts all the time and I never have dry or cracked lips.

By (Guest Post)01/16/2007

i have dry, dry chapped lips but when i use MaryKay lipstick they are never dry. though since i only wear lipstick when i am out have to have my lips coated with everything else. but i swear by marykay. i have used many of their products for 36 years and at 56 i am tickled to say i look 45! (have to keep the gray away though ha ha ha) use their lipliner and their age fighting lip primer with their lipstick and you will be thrilled with the results!!

By Kattie (Guest Post)03/04/2006

I play trumpet and always have TERRIBLE chapped lips because of it. My uncle plays trumpet in the Marine Corps, and he recommended Vitamin E oil. Voila! No more trumpet lips! You can get it in capsules, then poke open the end (carefully!) with a pin or small knife. Then squeeze it out the end and on to your lips.

Also, hydration is VITAL!!!

By pam (Guest Post)03/03/2006

The long-wearing lipsticks are very drying & come with moisturizing sticks for that reason - Use them UNDER a moisturizing lipstick to help keep the color. and switch off different lipsticks of similar shades according to the condition of your lips. You might also try using lip PENCIL under your lipstick to keep the color longer....

By (Guest Post)01/16/2006

I had a terrible time with lip balms making my lips more chapped than before I used them. Last summer I was travelling in Morocco, and suffering badly from chapped, cracked, bleeding lips and only making it worse with all the lip balms I was using. Desperate, I bought one at a local "herboriste" called "creme safran herpes". My chapped lips healed almost immediately and i haven't had any problems with this since. It seems to be made of vaseline, smells like rosemary and "safran" is saffron. I don't know how to get it outside of morocco, but maybe you can experiment with these ingredients. They also use something called "argane oil" in a lot of their products, so that may be in it. By the way, I don't know if it is supposed to be herpes treatment. I asked for lip balm for chapped lips and this is what they recommended.

By carol09/19/2005

Make sure you're getting enough water, for sure(@ least 1 1/2 quarts daily) - & also Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).

I use Burt's Bees Lip Shimmers & have no prob..

Here's a great site for natural healing/beauty...

& an article specifically about EFAs; ... fuseaction=article&articleid=126

& I've learned to avoid products containing petroleum derivatives (like Vaseline/petroleum, mineral oil) - it actually dries out your skin(i.e. a 'rebound' effect) & makes it more sensitive to sun damage.


By thriftygueen09/09/2005

I use satin lips by Mary Kay. I love it and my costomers as well. It is natural and moms love getting non medicated balm for their kids, especially when cold days come. There is so much chemical out there in everything, that is why I like using as much natural things as possible.

By Marg (Guest Post)08/29/2005

Avon has a great new lipstick in a "pen." It's the Lip Recovery and it has cured by chapped lips. The color doesn't seem to go "on" as much as "in" so there is always some color on your lips. Hope this helps.

By Caitlin (Guest Post)08/26/2005

Forget products. DRINK WATER! (But I do like shea butter)

By Ann (Guest Post)08/24/2005

I always use flavored chapstick under my lip stick. Just put it on a few minutes ahead and then apply the lipstick over it. Your lipstick may not stay on as long but your lips will feel much better.

By joyann (Guest Post)08/24/2005

Try eliminating all lip products containing SPF [sun protection factor]. I am allergic to the ingredients that make up SPF. It causes my lips and skin around the lips to become red, chapped and flaky. It's hard to find cosmetics without SPF these days but it will be listed of the lable. Find something without SPF and try just that for 1 week or so to give your lips time to heal the chapping and irritation.

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By Claudia (Guest Post)08/24/2005

The long-lasting stuff is notoriously drying.

You might try a lip gloss. There are many out there and come tinted or clear, in sticks, pots and tubes and in all price ranges (including the cheap 99 cent brands.) They contain petrolatum which is the active ingredient in vaseline- but they smell, taste, and look better than plain vaseline.

By Trudy Powell08/23/2005

I had this exact same problem - especially with the long-wearing, all-day lip color like you described and the gloss that goes on over it. I also wondered if some of my older lipstick was causing a problem as well. I quit using the long-wearing kind and got rid of the older lipstick and put on lots of Vaseline, as others have stated. My lips are fine now, but it was very frustrating. Now I've been using a very inexpensive brand (Jane) from Walmart, and I really like it.

Trudy Powell
Independent Watkins Assoc. (double-strength vanilla, spices, extracts, salves, liniments, household cleaners, etc.)

By Rebekah [1]08/23/2005

The best product I've ever used for chapped lips is plain old vaseline! You can wear it underneath lipstick or I usually just use it with a lip liner and call it good! Or if you don't want to wear it during the day, or I do this when my lips get bad, you can use a toothbrush to brush the dead skin away and slather a layer of vaseline or Carmex before bed!

Good Luck to you!

By Elizabeth [1]08/23/2005

Have you tried lanolin? One of the ways it's sold is in small tubes for nursing mothers, for sore nipples. It's highly refined, so it's supposed to be hypoallergenic. Artistry Cosmetics has lip color that doesn't dry my lips out.The website is They will put you in touch with an independent business owner in you area.

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