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I'm sure a lot of people have asked this, but I really do need a lot of help. My fiance and I just moved into an apartment, which we have never done before, we have always lived in a house.

Our closet is like a coat closet. It barely fits any of our clothes. I have no where to put hoodies or shoes. For shoes I bought something for the back of my door and for the front door I have a rack.

For hoodies I got those suction bags for the ones I don't wear. For the ones I do wear, I have no where to put them. My closet is maxed out and I can't put them in a dresser because those are maxed out as well.

I have no where to put plastic bins either. My bed is too short and the floor of the closet doesn't work either. Please help.

By Nina from Denver, CO


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By Joan 13 1,482 11/12/2010

You must have a corner someplace where you could stack plastic bins. It might not always be a convenient corner or even look real nice to guests, but that is beside the point. It is storage. I have lived in various size apartments since 1983 and have learned that it is the storage that counts, not necessarily what you like or what other people think.

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By Lisa 2 131 11/13/2010

You can buy bed risers that would lift your bed high enough to slide plastic bins underneath. The risers can be found at hardware stores and cost around $10/set.

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By Anita 3 11/13/2010

Have you thought of under the bed storage bins? They are quite handy and will hold most things. I have found them to be very useful!

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By Vi Johnson 286 801 11/14/2010

You could put the clothes you are not going to be wearing in a storage "Locker" ( smaller than a storage unit.) Prices are different in all states. Call a storage Co. in your area and ask what the charge would be, Then go look at it to see if it is big enough for your over flow. They may have several sizes and prices. And be sure to read the small print on any agreement you have to sign.
Good Luck, GG Vi

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