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Getting Rid of Large Caterpillar Cocoons on Beech Trees

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Help! I have a garden full of native beech trees, and over the last week or so I have an infestation of web like cocoons covering my trees and tree shoots. These do no spread from branch to branch as in tent caterpillars, or tree web worms, but completely wrap around a single branch or a small tree shoot, starting at the ground and forming a conical web around it.

This is then full of small black 1 inch worms that grow into cream coloured caterpillars. I have one which stands from the ground, about 3 feet tall. How do I get rid of this. Please help.

Hardiness Zone: 1

By Marianne from Eastern Newfoundland


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By susan [33]07/28/2010

As a small child I remember my father used to climb a ladder and take his propane torch to burn the cocoons on each branch. He did this each year when he would first see these appearing. Good luck.

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