Bees Drilling Into a Wooden Porch


I have some bees on my front porch that drill holes in the wood overhead that holds the porch cover. The holes are perfectly round and deep, they leave saw dust all over from their drilling. Does anyone know what kind of bee this is, or how to get rid of it?

By patt2tz from TX


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By SL Edens 1 395 05/14/2009

Apparently this is a Carpenter bee (I'd never heard of them before). This site has videos of them and the man says they "most definitely" cause damage. I hope this helps. http://www.carpenterbees.com/

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By Julie 49 565 05/14/2009

Here in Tenn we call them boring bees. Not sure if that's the official name for them. They look much like bumble bees. They like pine and will bore holes all in it. We have them going at our pine frame on our shed. The saw dust they throw back out is mixed with there spit. I guess you would say it will not come off the side of the garage. They are a true pest.

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By Betty Keith 05/14/2009

We've had this problem for years and have always called them wood bees. They arrive yearly to bore holes in our wood covered patio. We do not put out poison of any type due to our dogs; however, we do try to control the situation. This may sound a bit silly but we take badminton racquets (purchased at Dollar Tree or Dollar General) and use them to swat the bees to the ground (which stuns them) then kill them by hitting them or stepping on them. We consider it a little exercise in addition to taking care of our bee problem. You will have to do this daily to rid youself of the bees. Good luck.

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By merlene smith 4 311 05/15/2009

They are carpenter bees. They return year after year to the same place and their numbers grow. If you google carpenter bee there are several sites that tell how to get rid of them.

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By Karen McCray 2 5 05/15/2009

Hello, When I lived in AZ we called them carpenter bees, and now I live in TN and they call them borer bees. Anyways, the way we take of them is when they go in their hole we get the caulking gun and caulk their hole shut. My grandpa used to spray kerosene in the hole first. I think they always loved the unpainted wood. Hope this helps.

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By Lucinda Paul 02/28/2010

Have a friend who is an entomologist who helped us with our problem with carpenter bees. Since they are attracted to naked wood, you can caulk holes, paint, or varnish, especially inside holes, but he also said sevin would help.

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By waxhaw 2 05/03/2012

I have found a real solution. Spray WD-40 into the hole. Yo need to use the one with the stick on the nozzle. Put the stick into the hole and spray a good amount. The bees will come out and fall to the ground dead. It also kills the larvae they lay in the holes. That is why they are boring in the first place.
If you spray the WD-40 on the bare wood, they will not go around it. I sprayed it all under my deck and they have not come back. Try it! A family member from up north told me to do this and it has worked great for me!

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