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Inexpensive Sofa Slip Cover Ideas


I have a light beige sofa with pink, green pastel as the design. I don't really care for the pattern. I would like to get a sofa slip cover, preferably red. My sofa is a T-cushion style sofa. I'm on a tight budget right now and can not afford the 99.00 sofa covers. I've tries sheets but I'm really not sure if I like this solution. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sarah from Mchenry, IL


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By Lynn Marler 43 117 10/31/2005 Flag

Dear Sarah, I've used inexpensive bedspreads for slipcovers (can sometimes find nice ones really really cheap at thriftshops and yard sales) ; a twin size spread will work on love seats and smaller couches; a queen size will work for larger couches usually.

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By Brian (Guest Post) 10/31/2005 Flag

Take old jeans and cut them at the seams and sew them together. Looks real nice.

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By Catherine Somerville 1 13 11/01/2005 Flag

Look for used drapes made of great fabrics in thrift stores or yard sales. Look for a box full of them. Then take your old slip cover apart and use it for a pattern using the drapery fabric. You may even be able to reuse the zippers. Good luck !

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By June (Guest Post) 11/07/2005 Flag

I had the same problem - needed to cover a sofa but wanted to keep the cost down. First, I researched how to measure for a sofa (try for instructions) so I had the right size and type of slipcover I would need. Then I researched online to check out prices so I had an idea what was an acceptable price range for my budget (try Froggle, etc). Third, I keep my eyes open at every store I went to (Wal-mart, K-mart, Target, etc). I purchased my red sofa slipcover at Ikea for under $50 (my price limit was $80). Had I not done the research, I would have been too afraid to purchase this great deal. BTW, red is a great color. It looks great in my Americana office (red, white, and blue). Good luck and happy shopping!

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