Cleaning Spray Paint Off a Driveway


Is there anything that will take spray paint off a driveway?




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By Diana 4 23 04/27/2005

If your driveway is cement and not black top, you can just get a little bit of fresh cement in a bag and put "crumbs" on it like we did

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By Donna 4 19 04/27/2005

Maybe if you power-washed it.

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By (Guest Post) 04/28/2005

You can also use sand paper to lightly sand off the spray paint.

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By shari (Guest Post) 04/28/2005

might sound weird but when i did some crafts with spray paint and got a little over zealous with the paint i had outlines of what i was doing, well anyway one day I took my stove burner dishes outside and sprayed oven cleaner on them and amazing enough it took the spray paint off as well.

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By B 1 56 04/29/2005

A wire brush and some soap might work. We used this on regular paint and it all came out. It took a little while but it did come out. Of course then we had a spot of cement that was cleaner than the rest!

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By Dink (Guest Post) 05/01/2005

I have done the same thing. I used Graffti Remover. Took it all off!

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By Lwally 1 03/19/2007

My son just spray painted in black an area about 12" x 12" on our concrete "slab" where we hang out in the summer. It looks awful. Should I try to buy that Graffiti Remover? Where can you purchase it? I have no way to spray wash the area, and the hoses are still frozen here in Minne-snow-ta.
Thanks for feedback.

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By Emily and ALexxi (Guest Post) 06/29/2007

i sprayed spray paint on my own driveway and my dad got really mad! i took pinesol, bleach, hot soapy water mixed it all together and it came all off! yay us!

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By Lisa 1 1 07/15/2007

Any advice for cleaning spray paint off trees?!

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By (Guest Post) 11/30/2007

Ya the sandpaper worked 4 me.

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By Lawton (Guest Post) 03/14/2008

I went out and spray painted a bike with 2 towels under it. Little did I know I put too much spray paint on and BAM! it leaked through the towels I let the bike dry and rolled it off and pulled the towels up and it looked like I had spilled a black can of spray paint on a band new cement driveway. My dad was on his way home from a trip so I had about 3 hours (my dad overreacts a little bit so if he found this then I would be in some deep trouble) so I went and tried bleach (it sorta worked), then I went and tryed "purple stuff" (yes this is the name. It's a pipe cleaner acid that plubmers use to unclog pipes it also works good on stains, we use it on our boat) and it made somewhat of a dent in it then I tryed clear stuff (stronger stuff than purple stuff) it did about the same as purple stuff. I went and tryed CRC which I used once on a brick driveway and it actually worked on it but it was a failure on mine. So I go and find some "mercrillic acid" this is some strong stuff I smelled it and it burned my nostrils. I poured it on the driveway and it took about 75% of the spray paint off and did a decent job. NOTE: Do not mess around with this stuff you can burn yourself really badly.
So to finish off the story I didn't completely get all the paint off but it I got most of it off and if my dad sees it then he will most likely think it is a old paint stain.

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By bigf00ted1 (Guest Post) 11/09/2008

So I've now been outside scrubbing for 3 hours. The oven cleaner worked ... I didn't let it sit long enough. 10 minutes puts a dent in it. 1 hour does nothing. Graffiti remover did nothing to it.

Scrubbing with steel wool for 3 hours worked pretty well. but you go through it really, really fast. Steel wool and lots of water. I think the oven cleaner would have worked if it hadn't been a sunny day before. Now its getting below 50 so the water isn't drying fast enough to see a difference. That's all I know and have to say.

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By Bucksbuy (Guest Post) 12/16/2008

My son spray painted a school project with RED spray paint on the driveway. Needless to say, he tried not to get in on the driveway but some did. We used Soft Scrub and it came COMPLETELY off!! Good Luck

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By Bryce (Guest Post) 01/08/2009

Get a steel brush from lowes and some goo goof graffiti remover. It took off a ten foot tag on my driveway.

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By Cranky_Old_Man 2 12/13/2010

I had somebody's larva leave a tag on concrete near my home (it will soon be removed). Not having the blood of the little dork handy to clean off the black spray paint, I used Comet Cleanser (Scratch Free with Bleach) and some steel wool. I squirted a liberal amount of the Comet on the offending mark, got down on one of those foam kneeling pads (essential if you're going to spend any real time kneeling on concrete), added a little water and elbow grease and started working on the tag. Since the Comet was not very abrasive, I think the combination of the bleach and the steel wool got the mark out in about 20 minutes time. Somebody mentioned using Goof Off and a steel brush. The Goof Off alone won't work on concrete unless you scrub it off as he did. I tried that with paper towel, and it disfigured the tag, but didn't remove it.

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By sammy jane 1 09/22/2013

Use Graffiti goof off! Worked awesome!

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By maggieshmit 1 10/27/2013

It's working! Yay! Goof Off Graffiti remover is amazing! Definitely use that.

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By Diesta Smith R. 1 05/04/2014

I tried most if these, none worked for me. Might depend on the kind of spray paint. Anyway I didn't let the spray paint sit I cleaned it as soon as possible, I own a salon and do nails so I used pure acetone cuz I had some on hand and a steel brush, let it sit for a minute and scrubbed. And it came off very well. You can buy pure acetone at most stores in the bathroom isle where you would buy nail polish remover. But they are small bottles if you have a large area, you can buy it at Sally's beauty supply stores in gallon size bottles.

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By JackH2002 1 10/06/2014

So hot soapy water, goof off graffiti remover, steel wool, bleach and sand paper is the way to go? If so thanks guys. Got so much trouble for spray painting my basement wall... don't try this at home kids.

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