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Can I Renew the Non-stick Surface on Pots?

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How can I renew the non-stick in my pots?

By Shirely from AL


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Aluminum cookware is not unsafe nor has it been scientifically proven to cause Alzheimer's! We have more of a chance of receiving excess aluminum in our systems taking medications, including antacids!

By Cajun [55]02/06/2010
You should rid all similar cookware as well as Aluminum [has been linked to Alzheimers]. Quality Stain. Steel cleans as well as the coated items; is lifetime durable and is an addition to your kitchen. The large Dept. stores are always having Sales; as well as searching the Internet for pricing.

By craftyme [3]01/27/2010

Use the pan as a double broiler. Only to put water in. Can be used as a double boiler to make candles in, also.


Not safe when it comes to cooking and ingesting food once the coating starts coming off but you don't need to throw them away either! Recycle!

I had a really, really large one where the Teflon was coming off and I now use it for a pedicure soap and water soak and a medium large size one I use for water and vinegar solution for cleaning :-) You could also use some of the pots as planters ;-)

By LizO01/10/2010

"How can I renew the non-stick in my pots?" You can't. Once non-stick starts coming off it's time to throw it out.

I highly recommend only using non-stick for items like eggs, pancakes and such and to only use a rubber or silicone spatula. For all the rest of your cooking get stainless steel or cast iron.

BTW, if you season and use cast iron correctly, over time you have the "original" non-stick pots and pans. The key is to use them mostly for fatty foods and not acidic foods until the seasoning has built up well.

By kathleen williams [23]01/10/2010

There have been reports that the non-stick Teflon coating is potentially harmful to people's health, especially when the Teflon is cracked or scratched. Several years ago I had this problem. I took a meat turner, scraped the lining out of a fry pan, used it a few months then donated it, good luck.

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