Who Makes Walmart's "Great Value" Coffee?


Who makes Walmart's "Great Value" coffee?



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By chuck (Guest Post) 11/10/2007

Walmart cheap brand of coffee, Master Chef, is made by Sara Lee Co and it's very good. I have used it ever since Maxwell House got costly.

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By CHARLES 11/10/2007


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By eric lee (Guest Post) 01/28/2008

How do I contact Great Value about their products?

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By Donna (Guest Post) 08/02/2008

I absolutely love this coffee and am going thru withdrawal since my Walmart does not seem to have it anymore. This tastes better than nescafe, melita, hills brothers, etc. Now I just have to find it.

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By Charlie (Guest Post) 09/20/2008

The walmart brand coffee is disgusting. My mom buys it because it's cheap as dirt, unfortunately, it also tastes like dirt. The brand they get it from has a very bad environmental record of destroying the rainforest.

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By Thomas R. (Guest Post) 01/27/2009

I have been drinking great value coffee for years and I really liked it, a dark rich aromatic. To my great surprise last week I opened my large can of great value to find it filled with a very cheap grade of flaky tan coffee that tastes like dishwater. I have contacted walmart to see if this was a mistake or they were downgrading great value without changing the label. Whats up?

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By Jeff K. (Guest Post) 02/08/2009

I have been using Master Chef since Maxwell House went through the roof in price. $8.00. at Walmart. It tastes like good coffee. NOT Bitter. I am about to try the 8:00 100% Colombian coffee recommended by CR. ( a sample was given to my brother) but the last time I tried 100% Colombian coffee (Chockful of Nuts), I gave the can away. It was very bitter.

I was surprised today to find out that Master Chef was made by Sara Lee. I wonder what kind of beans they use? Does anybody know? I also found a review on generic coffees on line and they recommended Master Chef.

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By Cecilia 06/14/2009

I have been searching and searching for info about who produces great value products. Does anyone know the answer to this question. I find it odd that it seems to be so hush hush. Please help with any info.

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By Judi 18 939 06/14/2009

wikianswers says:

Great Value is not manufactured in one place by one company. It is manufactured by a variety of different companies. Great Value is a "house" or store brand owned by Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart takes bids from different companies to make great value products. The companies with the lowest bids get the contract to make the products. So one company might get the contract to make great value dryer sheets and another might get the contract to make great value light bulbs while another gets the contract for great value milk. ConAgra which produces such brand names as Swiss Miss, Van Camps, Hunts, etc. also makes some of Wal-Mart's Great Value products. So in reality store brands are made by the same companies that make name brands.

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By john 04/01/2011

These answers don't answer anything. Most likely I believe that Great Value is whoever Walmart wants it to be. The Dark Roast that i am drinking now tastes not too bad. Main thing is it's cheap so if I can stomach it, I can mix it with my favorite Folgers French Roast to save money.

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By Walter C. 2 06/13/2011

For those that have said that Master Chef is made by Sara Lee, that is no longer correct. It may have been in the past, but currently it is made by Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA - it's printed right there on the can. That may also be why I see a lot of reviews mentioning a 34.5oz can - the current can is 33oz.

Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA makes several brands of coffee including: Chock Full oNuts, Chase and Sanborn, and Hills Bros, although Master Chef is mysteriously not mentioned on their website.

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By mkkma 09/06/2012

I bought master chef coffee tried it this morning It was pretty good have to use a little extra to get the flavor you like I mixed it with a tiny bit of expresso great price at walmart. Columbian coffee is always the best I don't know if they use columbian it just says 100% ground coffee. I usually buy don francisco in publix. It is very good but they keep going up on the price. the best maxwell house is the one that says 100% columbian.

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By Roddy F. 08/11/2013

Master Chef coffee is actually Chase & Sanborn. The coffee has been made under that name for more than a hundred years and has been owned by several different companies over the years. Walmart simply has them repackage it under the Master Chef name.

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By wthompson1919 08/13/2014

Massimo Zannetti makes Master Chef ground coffee, (it says Master Chef on the can, NOT Great Value, which I have never seen except in instant) I like the coffee and find it very palatable even black,(although I don't drink it black)but could not find out what coffee beans were used. So I called them this morning and asked. I was told it was a blend of 100% Robusta coffee beans.

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By butlerwm 2 05/18/2015

Sara Lee has been the maker of Master Chef for several years. As some of the previous posts mentioned, it's not produced by Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA. Additionally, I find nothing to indicate Master Chef is "Walmart's Brand". Instead, Walmart markets their Great Value brand coffee. Interestingly, Master Chef was available at very many outlets when it was still made by Sara Lee. Since Massimo Zanetti began making it, availability has become rather limited.

I began using Master Chef not because Maxwell House went up in price but because they changed their Master Blend from the very strong roasted coffee, to the weak blend it has become today. Master Chef was the closest thing to the original Master Blend and has been our coffee of choice for nearly a decade.

As an aside, Master Blend was first marketed as a "high yield" coffee curing one of the coffee shortages when prices by the pound, first shot through the roof. Its grind and roast produced a very strong, very flavorful coffee with less ground coffee to the pot. One of the points of note for that original version was, when brewed, it smelled very much like coffee beans being roasted. It was a delight to the palette. The current incarnation pales in comparison.

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By butlerwm 2 05/18/2015

Oops. The phrase in my original post that reads "it's not produced by Massimo Zanetti", should read "it's now produced by Massimo Zanetti".

Sorry about the mistake.

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By Thomas da C. 07/15/2015

I think it's Folgers who supplies the great value brand. It taste like it and packaging is similar to it.

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