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Loose Arm on a Rocking Chair


How do I tighten a loose arm on my rocking chair?

Yvonne from Central MA



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By DearWebby (Guest Post) 02/09/2009 Flag

Look for some concealed holes where the arms are attached. Usually the holes are on the chair side, not the arm side.
In those holes you will see Allen bolts that look like
miniature socket wrenches. Get one of those Allen wrench sets that have 10 different wrenches on a key ring or like on a Swiss Army knife. ONE of the 10 will fit. Simply tighten the two bolts or screws that hold the arm.

With upholstered rockers you have to remove the back panel to get at those two bolts.
Have FUN!

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By Eric 1 06/10/2009 Flag

Hello Yvonne from Central MA,

Like the earlier post implies, you want to see where and how the arm is attached and try to tighten everything up from there. However, if you have already tried to do this and it doesn't work, or hasn't lasted. The places where the arm is attached may actually need to be repaired. If the joint is cracked or the screw hole is stripped (ie the screw just keeps turning and doesn't actually tighten the joint) you may be able to repair the joint with some high quality wood glue and a clamp. However, if the joint(s) are compromised more than that you will need to make/add support for the joint (which doesn't have to be a big deal either:-). Try the above first though.

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