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Burnt Starch off a Clothes Iron


Good afternoon. I iron and starch my clothes every day. Recently, I got burnt starch on my iron, and I cannot use it. Does anyone know how to get that burnt starch of the iron? Please Help. Thank you.

JD from Atlanta


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By jeani (Guest Post) 03/28/2005 Flag

I found this website that might help you!

Their soultion is: Try heating equal parts of vinegar and salt in a small pan. Rub the solution on a cool iron, and wipe dry.

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By Joyce (Guest Post) 03/28/2005 Flag

While my iron was cold I used an sos pad to clean it then I buffed it up, looks brand new.

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By Twila Wales 5 22 03/28/2005 Flag

Dip a wet cloth in baking soda and clean your iron then rinse it off with clean water.

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By alex (guest post) (Guest Post) 07/18/2005 Flag

the sos pad worked great..iron good as new. Thanks Joyce

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By Guest (Guest Post) 07/22/2005 Flag

at Robbie says to use aluminum foil on your iron.

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By Emma, UK (Guest Post) 05/13/2006 Flag

Heat the iron to a nonsteam, medium heat before cleaning. Sprinkle a generous layer of table salt over a brown grocery bag (use one that has no writing on the top surface). The salt is abrasive and will remove residue. Iron over the salt to remove starch and debris from the surface of the iron.

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By Burt (Guest Post) 06/12/2006 Flag

DON'T use sodium hypochlorite, undiluted, and ammomium hydrochloride.

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By Michelle (Guest Post) 04/29/2008 Flag

Does anyone know how to remove a stain from clothing from iron residue? It is a white collar.

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By CLSD (Guest Post) 06/23/2008 Flag

A Mr Clean Magic Eraser did the job for me!

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By Red Neck (Guest Post) 10/22/2008 Flag

To get spray starch or sizing off of an iron, set the iron for dry ironing (no steam) and maximum temperature. When good and hot, rub it firmly on a wet terry cloth towel. The gunk will steam off the iron and transfer to the towel. This is better than steel wool pads, which can get rust and soap gunk down into the steam vents which will release on clothing later.

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