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Hunting Theme Party Ideas

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A man in his hunting clothing.

Avid or want-to-be hunters may enjoy a party with this motif. This guide contains hunting theme party ideas.



Here are questions related to Hunting Theme Party Ideas.

Question: Hunting Theme Party

I am trying to plan a SURPRISE 40th Birthday party for my husband. I am not very creative and I am having trouble with decorating ideas and food. My father inlaw is going to BBQ, but I am just lost from here. My husband is a BIG Turkey hunter so I wanted to decorate around hunting, but I am lost where to even start. Please keep in mind I am on a small budget, so thrifty ideas would be great. I am having 3 casino tables (black jack, roullete and texas holden) brought in with dealers. The party is going to be outside around a pool and in the yard. I am expecting about 50 people. The party is in 3 weeks so I don't have much time. Please help me if you can.

Graciesmom2002 from Birmingham, AL


Best Answers

By D2loves MJP (Guest Post)07/28/2008

I am throwing a Hunting theme party this summer. I picked up some camo burlap and brown netting and am making a blind around the food area. It will have the netting on the top and door area, not only to make it authentic but to keep the bugs out as we will be out in the woods. I also got camo material and had runners made for the tables. We rolled up silverware with the napkins and tied them with rafia to make them look rustic. I took some pictures of bears and deer and had them blown up to life size and put them on cardboard so they would be life sized. We are working on the cake design now.

Best Answers

By sandy [63]05/02/2007

How about having the guests decorate themselves? They could come dressed as turkeys or hunters or something. Also, what about thanksgiving pictures for decorating? all the turkeys that are already cooked anyway.

Question: Game Warden Themed Birthday Party Ideas

My boyfriend will be celebrating his 40th birthday in a couple of weeks. I am looking for Game Warden theme party ideas. I have had little luck searching the net. I did find a couple of hunting websites, but would like to search for more. I am also looking for center piece ideas. Many thanks.



Most Recent Answer

By badwater [242]04/04/2008

I've heard of this type of party before. All the party members showed up wearing hunters orange hats, hunting vests & or hunter's orange tshirts. You might could get a bakery to do some cupcakes with fancy icing made to look like fishing lures or a cake with a deer or a big bass on it. You might could scatter spent shotgun shells on the tables as decorations, along with some Spanish moss or make these types of items into centerpieces for the table along with some cattails, etc. Sounds exciting. I come from a family of hunters. Good Luck!! Write back and let us know how the party went & what all you did for decorations, etc.

Question: Hunting Theme Fifth Birthday Party

My little boy is turning five this next month and he wants to have a hunting theme party, but he also wants a pool party. We have the indoor pool reserved, but I'm having problems with decor and invites. I don't want to spend a lot. Can anyone give me some suggestions?


Most Recent Answer

By LIL MANS MOM [1]10/18/2010

Ann I understand your point but where we are from we teach our children how to respect, ethics, and knowledge them with hunting. We eat what we kill so therefore there is a reason behind this as the old saying goes putting food on the table. This also helps the wildlife to continue on growing without being over populated. I'm sorry if you are upset with the fact of having a childs hunting party but this is what my child like as I'm sure yours may like different things. I just wanted input on how to make things easier sorry if anyones offended.

Question: Hunting Themed Supplies for Graduation Party

I am looking for hunting wild boars and pigs party supplies for my son's 2010 graduation party.

By April from Hilo, Hawaii

Most Recent Answer

By Amy3e01/11/2010

That is a tough one. Perhaps you can use the idea here and make your own graduation favors. You could make a collage out of pics of boars and pigs. Then I am thinking you could find pig themed party goods somewhere on the net. Hope it helps you out!

Solutions: Hunting Theme Party Ideas

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