Removing Nail Polish from Clothing and Fabric

Nail polish can be difficult to remove from textiles, especially if it has already dried. This guide is about removing nail polish from clothing and fabric.

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Earlier today I stupidly applied glitter polish on my toenails right before I started my yoga class and apparently one of my nails hadn't fully dried yet and stained the back of my new workout leggings! I came here to try and find a solution and unfortunately we don't have any oven cleaner or acetone-free nail polish remover in the house at the moment, so my husband made a mixture of dishwashing liquid and white vinegar and applied it with a cotton bud to the stain. After a couple of minutes of gentle rubbing I rinsed it and it had lessened significantly! He continued applying and after the second rinsing there's almost nothing left. A few of the glitter grains even came off while I was rinsing. Hope it works for you!

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How do I get dried nail polish off my 98%cotton 2% spandex jeans? They are my favorite pair of ripped jeans and I tried the hairspray method, nail polish remover method, and I am currently going to try the Windex method. Is there a better way to get it out? I haven't washed or dried them yet in the laundry. Please help!

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I just dne the same tried everything only thing that worked was acrilic liquid came off in minutes

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Ask a question. I'm not uploading a picture that you already have access to right now

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When people recommend Off for nail polish removal, are they recommending Off the oven cleaner, or Off the bug spray? Thanks! This is for polish on a brand new cotton dress (fabric is on the thin side).

A.B. from San Rafael, CA

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I tried OFF on my bathrobe where the nail polish splattered, used a toothbrush to scrub it a little and it did come off. I did notice a little "pink" color where the nail polish was but just through it in the washer and it looks like new!!

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I just spilled some yellow glitter nail polish while cleaning the nail salon on Monday. I spent 3.49 at the dry cleaners and they didn't do a good job so I tried the "Easy off" oven cleaner then scrubbed it then washed them as usual and the stain is gone. Oven cleaner does wonders :)

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How do I remove dried nail polish from a comforter? It is 100% cotton.

By Shirley

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Okay so I read this online for nail glue so it might work for nail polish. Take a cotton ball put nail polish remover on it and rub the fabric and try to scrape it off with your nail as best as you can. Repeat a couple time then wash it and then hang it up don't dry it because the heat will harden it and it will be like impossible to get it out then.

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I would think just nail polish remover would work...

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I had a drop of nail polish get on a pair of khaki pants and tried nail polish remover to get it out and it didn't work. Then I tired soap and water and that didn't get it out. How can I get the polish out even after the polish has dried on the pants?

By Pumpkin

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I am able to get paint out of my clothing by using a small scrubber paint brush. A small one, by dipping it in paint remover. Kut-zit or any paint stripper and letting a drop sit for 1 min. then scrubbing it off with the brush. Sometimes it comes off with one try and sometimes it takes a few tries by wiping it off with cloth and repeating it, then wash garment. Hope this helps.

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"Awesome can be bought at Family Dollar Stores. It is in the cleaner department.

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How can I remove a small nail varnish stain from a T shirt?

By Chris from Heathfield, UK

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You may be able to remove it with nail polish remover, but try this on a hidden spot first. I don't think it will hurt a tee shirt, but I made a bad situation worse when I used it on a polyester dress, made a much bigger spot.

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How do you remove nail polish from nylon clothes?

By Theresa from Athens, AL

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The archived answer from Cyinda is very thorough. However, I would like to add a note of caution. She has told you that nail polish remover will melt a hole in some fabrics, and I had that experience. I had some on a "suede" dress, and the acetone took the fuzzy finish right off. It was much worse than the actual stain. Luckily, a gal in a dress shop had the idea to bring the belt around the front and fasten with a nice broach, which worked really well. Anyway, be sure to test the nail polish remover on the fabric in a hidden spot to see if it will damage the fabric.

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My 3 year old daughter got into a purple bottle of nail polish. I would like to know what is the best way to remove it from my bed comforter.

By Catina from Johnson City, NY

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Another person just asked a similar question but her fabric is white. Here's what I suggested to her but you might want to do a test on an inconspicuous portion of the comforter before trying unless your comforter also happens to be white:

"Have you tried soaking the portion that is stained in nail polish remover and then briskly rub the fabric together? I would try non-acetone polish remover first and be sure to wash the pillowcase afterward. ;-) Let us know if this works or not, okay?"

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How do I remove nail polish from clothing after it has been washed?

By CFL013 from Summerville, SC


Nail Polish Stains on Clothing

Mix: alcohol green soap and tea tree oil together in the right combination, and it will take it off with no damage to the clothes. There is a company that sells this item. (06/14/2009)

By DragonSlaveII

Nail Polish Stains on Clothing

Goof off, works very well. My two years old daughter spilled a nail polish on a Snow White dress, (that was a moment). Goof off works great plus some elbow grease(you have to rub it a little) Do not forget to put some gloves on, this chemical has very strong smell and somewhat toxic, however it doesn't ruin the fabric.
Good luck (07/21/2009)

By sofico76

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October 29, 20160 found this helpful

Tried bug spray,hair spray_turpentine, paint thinner,and awesome- nothing made a dent in even closely removing pink polish from dark wash legging jeans? What else you got?

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How do you remove nail polish from a sweater?

By Twilighter444 from Houston, TX

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Be very careful with nail polish remover. I had a spot of nail polish on a polyester suede dress. The polish remover removed the suede as well as the polish-- so I was worse off than when I started.

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I spilled nail polish on a pair of pants (87% Nylon, 13% Elastine). What can I use to remove it without ruining the pants?

By Janine from Moranbah, QLD, Australia


Nail Polish Stains on Clothing

I splurged for the sweetest white cotton dress with purple flowers for my toddler. She found bright blue nail polish (neon colored) and "went to town." It was all over the new dress! $36 dollars gone and she'd only worn it once. I scrambled to find hairspray and bug spray after nail polish remover failed. I couldn't find any hairspray.

Instead, I used Krud Kutter (Target), which I use to get out food stains on carpet. I sprayed it on and watched the nail polish bleed onto the rest of the fabric. I waited a few minutes and sprayed a little more. After about ten minutes and a small amount of scrubbing with the back of my nail, all the nail polish vanished and her dress was like new. Krud Kutter is amazing. (04/01/2010)

By krudkutter

Nail Polish Stains on Clothing

Thank you all. It was all great feedback and I will be certain to give it a try. The bug spray seems to be the popular one for my particular garment. Great site, keep it up! (04/02/2010)

By janine.k.bennett

Nail Polish Stains on Clothing

OK, so cheer camp is coming up and our squad has to wear the same thing. I ordered hot pink Nike shorts like our coach asked. I wore them around the house and was messing around with nail polish. I got some on the shorts. :( I did not tell my mom because I knew she would get mad.

So first, I used nail polish remover to try and get it out. It removed the outside layer, but not the entire stain. Then I used some hairspray and a toothbrush to try and get it off, nothing. So then I used Spray-n-Wash and put them in the washer. Some time later I take them out and the stain is still there. :O Desperate, I use Off! bug spray, Matisse hair spray, and Tea Tree oil. I combine them on the shorts and rub it in with a toothbrush. I was so happy when the stain was gone and my mom didn't find out! Hope this helps!;) (05/28/2010)

By t-nail19

Nail Polish Stains on Clothing

Bug spray worked for me! Wow, I just have to say that there truly is a way to remove deep pink nail polish that has dried for 24 hours on a light, colored brand new swim suit. (My 5 year-old hid the swim suit after having an "accident", she confessed the next day.) I tried many of the things I read on here. (Nail polish remover, hair spray, tea tree oil, Goof Off, Oxi-Clean).

The hair spray seemed to do the most to remove the nail polish, but still left a deep colored stain. I finally decided that was the best it was going to get and took it into the laundry room to toss in the wash. I noticed a can of Repel insect repellent on the shelf and remembered reading that bug spray also worked sometimes.

I sprayed it on the stains and blotted it with a cloth, and I kid you not, the stain completely disappeared after about the third time. Unbelievable! That is the first time I have ever had success removing nail polish. I now know there really is a way to do it! Just keep trying different things, and don't give up. (06/26/2010)

By Glorybound333

Nail Polish Stains on Clothing

I used a bar of Don Massimo. It takes out the stain but in the process weakens the fibers of the cloth (as it is an abrasive). (07/15/2010)

By nancyillman

Nail Polish Stains on Clothing

Off insect repellent works really well. My daughter spilled hot pink nail polish on her white comforter and Off alone took it right out, I was shocked! (08/10/2010)

By bromanlex

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Have you ever had a bad nail polish stain? Well, I got a very bad one on my brand new shirt. I called my aunt and she didn't know what to do, but suggested that I spray hairspray on it and rub it with my nail.

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I'm an Activity Director at a nursing home. I was painting finger nails and one of the polish bottles broke. I have it on my white pants and a dark purple top. How do I get this out?

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