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80th Birthday Party Ideas

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80th Birthday
This is a guide about 80th birthday party ideas. There are many ways you can help make a friend or parent's 80th birthday fun and memorable.


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December 12, 20161 found this helpful

A member asks: I need some ideas for my mother's 80th birthday. This page has ideas for celebrating your Mother's 80th birthday.

Roses and a golden 80 to celebrate a milestone birthday.

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This is a guide about 80th birthday favor ideas. Creating unique meaningful favors for important birthdays enhances the celebration.

A birthday cake to celebrate an 80th birthday.

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June 8, 2010

I need inexpensive ideas for dad's 80th birthday party. I am doing this alone so I need to watch how much money is spent.

By Laurie from Wintersville, OH

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June 9, 20101 found this helpful

You have a computer! Fill areas with "80 years ago today" type stuff. Easy to find and print out, above the food serving 80 years ago the top menu items were...

Above the entertainment (tv/music) area; We were entertained by...

Around the patio; our favorite past-time was...

In various other areas add "80 years ago we paid "_" for...

Our main transportation was...

Etc., you get the idea.

And don't forget to add the most important part above the birthday cake: "and most important, 80 years ago "John Doe" was born!

Ask friends and family for ideas and maybe even pics and mementos!

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June 10, 20101 found this helpful

Thank you all so very much. You all have very god ideas. If any of you can think of some games that could be played, that wold be wonderful! I don't really want to do any over the hill. If her were tuning 50 I would say ok, but no over the hill themes at 80, don't want to depress him.

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June 9, 20100 found this helpful

To do this alone is a big task. I'm not sure where you need the ideas, decorations, invitations etc, but may be able to help in the ideas for food area. Two years ago a dear friend of mine had her 80th, she and her husband did it at their home. They had their dining table covered with a white cloth, and on it was one large cooked ham, several loaves of crusty bread, butter, cheese, pickles, mustard, and other condiments. Plus a bowl of curried egg and a few salad things. Guests just went up and cut bread and made their own sandwiches.

This was followed by fruit salad and icec ream (simple) and a birthday cake which a friend made for her. It was a beautiful night.

Hope you get some more helpful ideas.

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June 9, 20100 found this helpful

Get a folding foam core screen and cover with decorative paper, wrapping or wall paper. Find about 20-25 photos of the birthday person with family over the years, baby to adult if possible. Enlarge and crop them for 4"x 6" photos and mount with captions. Print out large Title such as "who's celebrating 80 years?" At the bottom put name, parents name and address if you know what it was then. You could use this for an invitation idea too. Vista printing has 10/$3.99 and you can design them anyway you choose. Good luck!

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June 9, 20100 found this helpful

If you spend nothing more, have a friend video tape it. THis is something for him to watch over and over, and the rest of the family, once he is gone.

You can ask friends to help make it a potluck, each bringing a small dish to share, you can make a cake or do small portion cup cakes. At this age, frosting is not the first on the wish I had list! Maybe a jelly roll, or ask your dad what he would like for dessert. Maybe an ice cream cake. Which you can make as well without must ado.

I ahve done parties of all kinds for all ages, simple is always the best.

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March 3, 20160 found this helpful

Hey friend.. Your so not alone.

My dad's turning 80 in just 2 weeks! I myself came up with a Back Down Memory Lane Table!!

I incorporated TWA. Model plane, fishing rod, model antique cars, smoking pipe etc...

Just things that he enjoyed doing... KC, Mo. Enjoy

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June 10, 2010

Any ideas for games to be played at an 80th birthday party?

By Laurie from OH

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June 11, 20100 found this helpful

These are two from our (long ago) teenage youth group Church socials. You may know of them already. One is pass the parcel. You wrap a treasure, a block of chocolate or some other small thing in a piece of paper, then keep on adding more and more layers of paper till the parcel is huge.. or as big as you want. Every one sits in a circle and the parcel is passed from one to the other, with each person taking off a layer of paper, until the tiny parcel with the treasure is revealed, the that lucky person gets the treasure.

The other one is called 'Poor Pussy' in this one person is selected as the cat. Again everyone sits in a circle, and the 'cat' choses a person to kneel down in front of and miaow. That person has to stroke the 'cat'on the head and say 'Poor Pussy' while the cat does every thing in it's power to make the person laugh. As soon as the person laughs, they are out of the game, and the cat chooses another victim.

They are very simple games, but it usually ends up with everyone laughing like crazy,

I agree.You don't want anything that will make your Mom feel age depressed.

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June 11, 20100 found this helpful

Group games like Bingo...and if all those attending the party know each other well, you could offer a true statement about a person and have the others guess who that person might be. Then do it to each of the partiers until all have had something good, special or unique said about them.

Using dry beans for money and all get the same amount, hold an auction and sell off little items in brown bags(lotions, shampoo, ink pen, or gag gifts, etc.) The one who still has the most beans gets a prize at the end of the auction.

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June 13, 20100 found this helpful

Find out what games were played back when the birthday boy/girl was young. Incorporate them into the party.

Flashback, have people dress in clothing from that era, play games from the era, play music from the era, etc.

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April 23, 20160 found this helpful

I'm also doing one for my Dad with my Moms help and Horse shoes is a good game to play or cards

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March 24, 2009

What kind of performance should my family do for my grandmother's 80th birthday?

By Esther from Malaysia

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March 24, 20091 found this helpful

Take her a stroll down memory lane with a "lip sync" performance of the hit music from her younger years.

Would be fun to find costumes and "be-bop" to some Fats Domino, Shangrilas, and don't forget to have a Dick Clark look-a-like and a "Band Stand" stage.

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March 27, 20091 found this helpful

I would ask her what her favorite songs are. Then pick 2...a happy/funny one and a loving/sensitive one. Then get the words to each song. On the funny one, you could make props. If the song mentions sunshine, use paper or poster board and draw or cut out a big sun. Use key words in the song and have about 10 props then as the song is playing you and your relatives can "act out" the song by holding up the props all together. We did this for my mom's 70th birthday and it was great fun! We had sunglasses, Monopoly money we threw in the air, a cowboy hat, etc.....Then for the serious song we wrote all the words out on very big poster board(each poster only had a word or two, painted large.) and stood in a row facing her as the song played. We each had a pile of posters we divided and we would each hold up a new poster with the words to follow along as the song was playing. It was very moving and everyone cried. Hope that gives you some help! Have fun! She'll appreciate all your efforts!

-Lee in FL

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March 30, 20091 found this helpful

Try doing a "This is your life". Invite any old friends & have them relate a favorite funny or sentimental story. Ask family to do the same. Go through the stages of life. Present momentos of each stage too.

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March 25, 20090 found this helpful

Maybe not a performance but you could take old photos and make a movie out of them. Google to find a company who does this in your area. You just give them your photos, they make a slide show movie adding music if you want.

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February 24, 20050 found this helpful

Need ideas for a toast for mother-in-law's 80th Birthday.


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February 25, 20050 found this helpful

Hi. How well do you know your mother-in-law? By that I mean would you be familiar with her favorite music, the song she had her first dance to, got her first kiss during, wedding song? If so, then simply by put a time-edited compliation of the songs that she would recognize as important milestones in her life, combined with you recalling the memory would be a striking way to pay homage to the remarkable woman that she was, has been and will continue to be. Music is a powerful form of expression and most people couldn't tell you the name of the guy they dated in college, but still remember the song that was playing when the had their first kiss. Good luck to you. And to her, best wishes in luck and love and may happiness carry her throughout the rest of her days as its carried her through these.

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By guest (Guest Post)
January 28, 20070 found this helpful

I need Iideas for Toast for Husbands 50th Birthday anitadayal AT

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April 20, 20150 found this helpful

Any ideas regarding themes, music, food, and decorations? Not much in decorations. I am not thinking about telegrams or weird stuff at which he could be embarrassed.

By Beth M

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April 21, 20150 found this helpful

Why not make a nice medley of some of his favorite music and get someone to help you make a nice video (or photo collage) of some of your favorite family photo's from your albums to play at his party or for him? I did this for my father for his 90th birthday and he (and we ALL) loved seeing the family photo's while his favorite songs played! Sort of a 'this is your life'. One of the best idea's I had!

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December 9, 20110 found this helpful

How should I write a letter to my father-in-law for his 80th birthday?

By Laurie Kay from Chino Hills, CA

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December 9, 20110 found this helpful

With really large print!

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May 5, 2010

I need ideas for a man's 80th birthday party.

By Alex from TX

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May 12, 20102 found this helpful

We just had my dad's 80th birthday, and it was so great. We had bbq catered. We had a photo time line area where we framed lots of photos from when he was little to present. I researched the last 8 decades and did a page on what was going on in that decade to put at that area. Also, did a sheet on what was happening on his birthday 80 yrs ago. for his cake, we did 5 different layer cakes (lemon, strawberry, chocolate, white & Italian cream), they were a huge hit. We put the cakes on different hts cake plates on a table that had greenery with twinkle lights on it, the centerpiece was glass kraft blocks (hobby lobby) that I frosted and stacked (each had a lite inside) with an 80 on top. the 80 was thick wood numbers (hobby lobby) that I painted with gold metallic paint. The cake table was gorgeous. We gave guests an opportunity to roast or toast daddy, and that turned out really well. We had guests jot down memories on pre-cut strips of paper and put them in a decorated bag for him to take home and read later, from the great grandkids we decorated a small jar and put in 80 of the chocolate hugs and kisses, put on the jar, 80 hugs and kisses and the ggkids names. From the grandkids we decorated another jar and put in 80 gold dollars (get them from ur bank) and put on the jar 80 golden dollars for 80 golden years and the gkids names. One of the gkids decorated a scrapbook to put stuff from the party in later. We had balloons on the card/gift table, a banner that said happy 80th birthday (u can order one online from party supply), on the table we did half with potted gerbera daisies that daddy took home and planted and the other half with vases with water with gerbera daisies floating in them. We had confetti and curly ribbon sprinkled around the centerpieces, and it looked really good. Make sure u take family photos, probably the only time u will have that many people there at one time. Daddy is still smiling when he thinks of the party, he really loved it. If you want to see any photos or have any questions, email me at nanakay01 at hotmail . com. Please put "80 bday idea request in subject line or I will not open. Hope you have a great party.

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May 5, 20100 found this helpful

I need ideas for an 80th birthday party.

By Peggy from Waterloo, IA


80th Birthday Ideas

Check out this post, the differences between 80 and 100 are minimal when it comes to gifts. It really depends on the person. (12/03/2009)

By Suntydt

80th Birthday Ideas

Try having a party with a theme from the 50s. Play oldies music, have a hula hoop contest, serve burgers and shakes. (12/03/2009)

By michele052002

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November 28, 20090 found this helpful

I am looking for 80th birthday ideas.

By Mona B


80th Birthday Ideas

For my mother-in-law's 80's birthday, I got a smaller, but, a nice sized scrapbook. I had everything there for scrapbooking on a table, with 3-4 chairs, scissors, glue, lot's of stickers, colored felt markers, lot's of different types and designs of paper and the pages for the scrapbook were removed so the pages would be flat, and anyone could design a page for my mother-in-law.

They could be as simple or as elaborate as they wanted, some just happened to have photos handy, those were in some of the pages. Some made collages for her pages, and some had stickers and all of the pages were designed with them thinking about her while making these pages. That scrapbook was her most favorite, and it was also big enough to hold all of her birthday cards in there too. She spent a lot of time keeping that scrapbook with her, and she enjoyed it so much. (10/01/2009)

By Kas2

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September 30, 20090 found this helpful

I need ideas for decorations for a man's 80th birthday party.

By Rose from Bloomer, WI


80th Birthday Ideas

To celebrate my father-in-law's 80th, everyone donated a few photographs for a scrapbook. We also covered water bottles with pictures of Dad through the ages. Everyone had a souvenir to take home. (06/17/2008)

By daTeach

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April 30, 20080 found this helpful

Do you have any 80th birthday party ideas?

Amy from Memphis, TN


80th Birthday Ideas

These are some great ideas. My Father will be 80 next month and we are also trying to find some different ideas. So thanks to all.

I sent for birthday cards from President Bush, Bill Clinton & Jimmy Carter (has to be 6 weeks before the birth date). I am also going to have a flag fly over the Capital in his honor on his birthday. They send a certification & he will get the flag about 6 weeks later. This is the website:

I have also started on getting him 80 birthday cards!!


By Shirley from FL

80th Birthday Ideas

I am planning a 80th Birthday Party for my dad. He loves baseball, and his birthday is in August, so I am using that as a theme. A local bakery is making individual baseball cupcakes for each place setting. I am making invitations that look like baseball mitts. My son is a DJ so we will be playing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" when he arrives. Lots of friends and family are excited to do this for him. He is a great guy. We are also doing a DVD. I did not know about the White House. Great Idea! Thanks for sharing ideas. (01/13/2007)

By Deborah Kilcher

80th Birthday Ideas

I'm planning my Mom's 80th Birthday Party. She is a quilter so we are sending family and friends a 4x4 quilt square so they can write a memory about my mother. My daughter is collecting these and putting them in a quilt for her. (04/12/2007)

By Sharon

80th Birthday Ideas

Since seniors may suffer a bit of memory loss, create a DVD/CD or computer screen saver slide show of all the old and new family pics. That's what I am doing for my mom, who is suffering from beginning onset of Alzheimer's. Any other suggestions, let me know. Thanks. (08/13/2007)

By Denise

80th Birthday Ideas

for djpriness. I have an idea for your Mom's party you said that she loves Cooking and Baking. Why don't you have a Picnic Theme where the family/guest brings a dish or desert accompany with the recipe. You can create a Recipe Book. Some Caterer's offer Cooking Parties. They teach the guest to cook and you eat the meal prepared. (08/17/2007)

By fhunt615

80th Birthday Ideas

When my mother turned 80, I had a surprise party for her in June, rented the local park pavilion, had it catered and invited family and friends. Had guests from 3 months old to 85 years young. I hired a caricature artists for the adults and a face painter for the children. Mom is developing Alzheimer's so we cut posterboard into pieces, had guests write a small note to Mom and took their picture. Put together a memory album for her and presented this to her after it was all put together. A great time was had by all. It's been 3 months since party, she still brings out the memory book and reminisces. (10/03/2007)

By Cindy.

80th Birthday Ideas

I am planning an 80th "birthday card celebration" across the miles. I have sent through the USPS a letter with a pre-addressed label and a stamp attached requesting friends/family to help us send 80 birthday cards to celebrate my mother's special day. I am also sending restaurant gift cards to some special people who live near her to take her out for special lunches/dinners to celebrate this milestone. (11/04/2007)

By Wendy Carpenter

80th Birthday Ideas

For Marinela for your Mom in Spain. What about making a pinata for her to break open. Instead of candy, fill it with family pictures from the past.
Marg (11/04/2007)

By Marg

80th Birthday Ideas

The 80th Anniversary of the academy awards is in '08, do a theme based party on that. (12/30/2007)

By lauren

80th Birthday Ideas

I have two friends turning 80 this year, both long distances from me; one is having a party and the other refuses to have one. I just thought I'd print out 80 little "cards", one per year with some significant event for that year, starting with of course their birth in 1928 and ending with their 80th in 2008. I plan to mail - that'll keep them busy! (02/07/2008)

By Friend

80th Birthday Ideas

We are getting my mom 80 presents. We divided up theme ideas so she would not get the same things. Everyone took a theme. (03/08/2008)

By RRandall

80th Birthday Ideas

For my mom's 80th, I am doing a family tree quilt with the names of children, grandchildren, etc. No in-laws or out-laws. I am also planning on a scrapbook afternoon event after all the main celebrations are over with. Each family member will be given a page to do and it is a super way to involve all the young people! A slide-show of old family photos is being organized by my niece. The best feedback you will get, is when you involve the family. Good luck! (03/29/2008)

By Debbie strickland

80th Birthday Ideas

My brother and I are actually planning an 80th birthday party for my grandfather and we are in the process of making a video for him of his life. We are going to family members, such as his kids, grandkids and other relatives. On the video we are having everyone tell a memorable story about him and the younger kids that don't speak that well yet, just say Happy Birthday to him. (04/05/2008)

By Lin

80th Birthday Ideas

Both my father and uncle still love to flirt. Here are a couple of party ideas that I floated by "the party committee"
1. Hire some fiddlers to play Celtic music for an hour
2. Hire a Burlesque troupe to present for the main entertainment.
3. Buy suspenders and cardboard and have the guests fashion their own elaborate Breast Plates and have them fashion their own news paper hats to wear.
4. Have every table draw up a card with pencil or crayons or have a long sheet of paper covering a table for everyone to draw and add their blessings.
5.cover a table with old family photo's and cover them with a clear plastic sheet to prevent loss and damage from food, drinks.
6. Hand out music sheets of old ethnic folk songs and have the crowd sing along to the songs they love so much
7. put a couple of bottles of Vodka on ice for toasting shots and have plenty of pirogies on hand. (again an ethnic thing) (04/10/2008)

By Tilman

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