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80th Birthday Party Ideas

This is a guide about 80th birthday party ideas. There are many ways you can help make a friend or parent's 80th birthday fun and memorable.

80th Birthday
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June 8, 2010 Flag
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I need inexpensive ideas for dad's 80th birthday party. I am doing this alone so I need to watch how much money is spent.

By Laurie from Wintersville, OH

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June 9, 20100 found this helpful

If you spend nothing more, have a friend video tape it. THis is something for him to watch over and over, and the rest of the family, once he is gone.

You can ask friends to help make it a potluck, each bringing a small dish to share, you can make a cake or do small portion cup cakes. At this age, frosting is not the first on the wish I had list! Maybe a jelly roll, or ask your dad what he would like for dessert. Maybe an ice cream cake. Which you can make as well without must ado.

I ahve done parties of all kinds for all ages, simple is always the best.

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June 9, 20100 found this helpful

You have a computer! Fill areas with "80 years ago today" type stuff. Easy to find and print out, above the food serving 80 years ago the top menu items were...

Above the entertainment (tv/music) area; We were entertained by...

Around the patio; our favorite past-time was...

In various other areas add "80 years ago we paid "_" for...

Our main transportation was...

Etc., you get the idea.

And don't forget to add the most important part above the birthday cake: "and most important, 80 years ago "John Doe" was born!

Ask friends and family for ideas and maybe even pics and mementos!

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June 10, 20101 found this helpful

Thank you all so very much. You all have very god ideas. If any of you can think of some games that could be played, that wold be wonderful! I don't really want to do any over the hill. If her were tuning 50 I would say ok, but no over the hill themes at 80, don't want to depress him.

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March 3, 20160 found this helpful

Hey friend.. Your so not alone.

My dad's turning 80 in just 2 weeks! I myself came up with a Back Down Memory Lane Table!!

I incorporated TWA. Model plane, fishing rod, model antique cars, smoking pipe etc...

Just things that he enjoyed doing... KC, Mo. Enjoy

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February 19, 2009 Flag

I am having an 80th birthday party for my mom. I need an idea for party favors that the guests could have as a remembrance of the event. I need to have around 100 and need to keep the cost reasonable. Also any decorating ideas would be appreciated.

Brenda from Coshocton, OH

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February 20, 20090 found this helpful

When my parents had their big birthdays, we created candy-bar wrappers with photos of the birthday-person and a thank you sentiment printed. There are companies that will do it for you,

and ... nid=7d78bbd3cf4e491ddac1b0773833d481

and some computer programs you can find that will help you create your own labels. It's not too hard to do.

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February 20, 20091 found this helpful

How about taking a photo of your mom, making some business cards with her photo, some little message on them, maybe the date, and a thank you for celebrating with us type thing. You can print them on the computer, I do my boss's business cards all the time! You could do them for less than $10. You could even have a variety of different picts of your mom! You could "fancy" them up by using a paper punch and tying a piece of ribbon or curling ribbon on each.

Hope you have a great celebration!


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February 20, 20090 found this helpful

You could get memorabilia from ebay. Like magazines or music from the era she was born, late 1920s or 30s, and use them for decorations on tabletops or the party invitation. For my dad's 70th, I designed a fake newspaper headline and used a picture from his childhood to make the party invitation.

You could also use Google to find out interesting info about our country during that time; how much gas cost, milk cost, houses cost, what was the # song, etc., and type up that info in a festive way to use as centerpieces on the table (kinda like drink menus at restaurants. Put the info in clear plastic upright frames.) Or print them out and put them at each place setting just laying flat.

You could put the year she was born at the top and then all kinds of fun facts underneath. It would get people talking and her reminiscing about the old days! Have fun!

-Lee in FL

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February 22, 20090 found this helpful

How about little net bags with 80 shiny new pennies in each with a "tag" about 1 shiny penny for each shiny year of life!

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April 20, 2015 Flag
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Any ideas regarding themes, music, food, and decorations? Not much in decorations. I am not thinking about telegrams or weird stuff at which he could be embarrassed.

By Beth M

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April 21, 20150 found this helpful

Why not make a nice medley of some of his favorite music and get someone to help you make a nice video (or photo collage) of some of your favorite family photo's from your albums to play at his party or for him? I did this for my father for his 90th birthday and he (and we ALL) loved seeing the family photo's while his favorite songs played! Sort of a 'this is your life'. One of the best idea's I had!

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June 10, 2010 Flag
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Any ideas for games to be played at an 80th birthday party?

By Laurie from OH

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June 11, 20100 found this helpful

These are two from our (long ago) teenage youth group Church socials. You may know of them already. One is pass the parcel. You wrap a treasure, a block of chocolate or some other small thing in a piece of paper, then keep on adding more and more layers of paper till the parcel is huge.. or as big as you want. Every one sits in a circle and the parcel is passed from one to the other, with each person taking off a layer of paper, until the tiny parcel with the treasure is revealed, the that lucky person gets the treasure.

The other one is called 'Poor Pussy' in this one person is selected as the cat. Again everyone sits in a circle, and the 'cat' choses a person to kneel down in front of and miaow. That person has to stroke the 'cat'on the head and say 'Poor Pussy' while the cat does every thing in it's power to make the person laugh. As soon as the person laughs, they are out of the game, and the cat chooses another victim.

They are very simple games, but it usually ends up with everyone laughing like crazy,

I agree.You don't want anything that will make your Mom feel age depressed.

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June 11, 20100 found this helpful

Group games like Bingo...and if all those attending the party know each other well, you could offer a true statement about a person and have the others guess who that person might be. Then do it to each of the partiers until all have had something good, special or unique said about them.

Using dry beans for money and all get the same amount, hold an auction and sell off little items in brown bags(lotions, shampoo, ink pen, or gag gifts, etc.) The one who still has the most beans gets a prize at the end of the auction.

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June 13, 20100 found this helpful

Find out what games were played back when the birthday boy/girl was young. Incorporate them into the party.

Flashback, have people dress in clothing from that era, play games from the era, play music from the era, etc.

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April 23, 20160 found this helpful

I'm also doing one for my Dad with my Moms help and Horse shoes is a good game to play or cards

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March 24, 2009 Flag
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What kind of performance should my family do for my grandmother's 80th birthday?

By Esther from Malaysia

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March 24, 20090 found this helpful

Take her a stroll down memory lane with a "lip sync" performance of the hit music from her younger years.

Would be fun to find costumes and "be-bop" to some Fats Domino, Shangrilas, and don't forget to have a Dick Clark look-a-like and a "Band Stand" stage.

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March 25, 20090 found this helpful

Maybe not a performance but you could take old photos and make a movie out of them. Google to find a company who does this in your area. You just give them your photos, they make a slide show movie adding music if you want.

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March 27, 20090 found this helpful

I would ask her what her favorite songs are. Then pick 2...a happy/funny one and a loving/sensitive one. Then get the words to each song. On the funny one, you could make props. If the song mentions sunshine, use paper or poster board and draw or cut out a big sun. Use key words in the song and have about 10 props then as the song is playing you and your relatives can "act out" the song by holding up the props all together. We did this for my mom's 70th birthday and it was great fun! We had sunglasses, Monopoly money we threw in the air, a cowboy hat, etc.....Then for the serious song we wrote all the words out on very big poster board(each poster only had a word or two, painted large.) and stood in a row facing her as the song played. We each had a pile of posters we divided and we would each hold up a new poster with the words to follow along as the song was playing. It was very moving and everyone cried. Hope that gives you some help! Have fun! She'll appreciate all your efforts!

-Lee in FL

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March 30, 20090 found this helpful

Try doing a "This is your life". Invite any old friends & have them relate a favorite funny or sentimental story. Ask family to do the same. Go through the stages of life. Present momentos of each stage too.

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