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Stains From Medication

Does anyone know how or what to use to remove reddish-orange stains resulting from Uristat, AZO and other products used for UTI's and/or bladder infections? Some of the tiny tablets had come out of their packaging in my hand bag and now everything is reddish-orange, including the lining of my bag. Even my hands are stained and nothing seems to be helping. Any advice with this, other than do not get any more bladder infections in the first place?

Megan from White Lake, MI

Recent Answers

By laurie [2]01/20/2006

Maybe a product I got from the 99 cent store called SOIL LOVE in a light green bottle.

By Sue Harman (Guest Post)01/20/2006

Red Relief or Stain Magic may take those types of stains out. click on repair products.


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