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Remove Smell From HE Washers


Most front loading High Efficiency washers will develop a "smell" every few weeks caused by stale water sitting in the rubber door seal. Instead of buying the expensive tablets sold for this problem, just put a 1/4 cup of regular Vinegar in the wash along with your clothes. Vinegar is a natural cleaner that will not harm your washer, your clothing or the environment.

By Freds Tips from Marysville, WA


By Kim Holsapple 4 18 08/15/2008 Flag

I had to have the repair man come out for another appliance and I was asking him about the smell. His suggestion was to leave the door open after you are done laundry for the delay. I have been using my HE washer since November and have not had any smell.

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By Kelly 3 91 08/15/2008 Flag

I leave my HE washer door open for an hour or so after each use, and no smell. My husband cut off a paint stick at a slight angle, and I use this to prop the door open about 4 inches, so the wide-open door isn't in our way.

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By SUE 3 12 08/16/2008 Flag

Being from the UK I have always used a front loader like most Europeans. We don't seem to have the same problem with smelly washing machines. I found that when I started to use a cool or cold water washes my machine began to smell. It took quite a few hot washes to get rid of it and now I don't use anything cooler than 40C and it seems to have cured the problem. Hope this helps. Sue

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By (Guest Post) 08/16/2008 Flag

Although the manufacturer recommends a cleaning of bleach after so many washes, I not only leave the door open, I also wipe down the door and gaskets after laundry is done for the day. No smells...unless I forget and leave it in overnight and have used one kind of fabric softener, then they get a funky smell. Otherwise airing out is the key.

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By Anna Carpenter 1 11/18/2008 Flag

Honestly we have never had this problem. My mother had one of the first front loaders out there and ran it for at least 15 years before it died. She then got the Maytag Neptune and after she died I inherited it. I have never had a problem with it smelling. I am single now and do maybe 2 loads a week. BUT I never close the door all the way.

Every repair man I have ever had says to never close the lid, even on a top loader. My clothes don't stink unless I forget them in the washer for a couple days in the summer. I do know if you close the lid you will end up having a rusty washer that won't last as long. As for the LG's I wouldn't buy anything from LG. EVER They have lousy customer support and their appliances are crap. It may also be that people are using the wrong soap or using to much and it builds up and gets gunky?

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By jennifer 1 05/28/2009 Flag

I purchased our lg frontload washer about a year ago and am having many problems just trying to keep it from smelling! I am dealing with LG now and I am trying to get an exchange for a newer model. The research I have done and Home Depot told me they fixed the problem so I hope they will do the right thing... I also have to leave the door open and run a sanitary wash once a week and leave the door open( which my daughter is one and loves to open and close) just not safe to have when kids and pets are around!

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