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Coffee Stain On Wall


Does anyone know how to remove a coffee stain from a wall? I tried cold water, lukewarm water and detergent, vinegar, even Shout. My fiancee is going to call it off if she finds out!




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By Suzanne Spencer 8 136 02/27/2005

David - first things first. For the stain try Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. That thing has saved me yelling at my kids for crayons and pen marks a million times. If your walls are white you could also try Lysol all purpose cleaner. I use lemon, can't vouche for the others. You have to scrub a little, but basically it lifts off some of the paint and mixes it until you can't tell where the stain was anymore. But obviously as a last resort go to Home Depot/Lowe's and have them color match your wall colour in a little thing of touch up paint and cover over it.
Now, why would your fiance leave you for being clutzy? I'm sure your just panicking. I have OCD and even I wouldn't leave my husband for making a mess by accident. Don't worry so much. Or maybe you could have the pastor add in "For richer, for poorer, with stains or without." Just to cover your bases. Good luck and congratulations!

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By Kayla 3 71 02/27/2005

Suzanne. I just had to laugh at you vow improv. Very cute!

David, good luck and God Bless!

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By linda (Guest Post) 02/27/2005

paint over withKilz, then appropriate color.

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By Amanda (Guest Post) 02/27/2005

What about trying a water and baking soda paste?

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By angie 1 10 03/31/2005

Don't use magic eraser on coloured walls changed the colour of mine but I got coffee off with mr. clean cleaner diluted and a sponge and a bit of elbow grease.

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