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Philips Colon Health Reviews

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Has anyone tried Phillips Colon Health that's being advertised on TV? If so, do you think there are any benefits to taking it?

By Bonnie V from Tuckerton, NJ


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By dotsonkaren4402/03/2014

I have use for three days and i have been eating everything in the house. I think you should use Keybiotics.

By jill111106/19/2012

I took two caplets and ended up with severe stomach pain. I reported this to them. They weren't interested but did refund. I wrote a negative review about them in the customer feedback section but they only post the positive reviews! I don't trust this company. I think this product is a scam!

By MagesseT02/01/2011

I tried the capsules (pink and purple box) (acidophilus strains) in December; I liked the effect that so many different strains had on my system. Then, I tried the larger size, powdered, and it worked just as well; it also outlasted the 30 capsule size. It was more convenient, as I would measure out the powder and mix it with water, and drink it. It has very little flavor, but what it does taste like, is not bad ~ sort of like a watered-down milk.

By Sharon12/04/2010

I have been eating fresh blueberries in Organic Oats and Honey Granola cereal with 2 tbls of Flax Meal for about 2 years now and I have great bowel movements. The Flax Meal does the trick and the blueberries are one of the top dark fruits you can eat for your liver health and brain health. They say Blackberries are number 1 but I love Blueberries and they work wonders for me. I also walk 45-60 minutes 3 times a week on my treadmill. If constipation is an issue for you, exercise is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Exercise, (walking) can make you feel happy when you're depressed. I don't think we need colon supplements if we can use the things I mentioned above.

By Aggie [1]02/04/2010

I agree with Little Suzy. As a colon cancer survivor for the past twenty five years, I found that the best way to keep your colon healthy is to eat lots of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc. Whenever I "think" that I need a good cleaning...a little prune juice does the job. (This is just my opinion.)

By RLM12/28/2009

Phillips Colon Health works wonders. It isn't a colon cleanser. Its works as a digestive aid. Before,I had a very hard time trying to digest my food. It didn't matter what kind of food it was. I suffered from daily stomach aches and cramps and frequent diarrhea. After about a week of using this product, my stomach has never been more relaxed and my bowel movements have never been healthier. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who has major digestive problems.

By Robyn Fed [388]06/04/2009

Cleansing the body also depletes it of natural helpful bacteria, especially the more harsh methods. Going to the bathroom that much for days would tend to deplete minerals, bacteria, and dehydrate the person. Be sure to do the yogurt thing afterward to replenish the good bacteria if you are going to do this.

Don't do it during a time when you could catch a cold as this can lower immunity. A much better thing (IMO) is to eat only foods that give you a healthy feeling after eating them, such as energy and good mood. Once you start eating the right foods for your body, you will naturally be stronger. Go to and and enjoy reading all sorts of information on health. Robyn

By christine M. Thayer [2]06/02/2009

I wonder how many people have taken this kind of thing for a really long time? If you're taking something that goes through your stomach, then you're wasting money. Your stomach is supposed to be sterile. Digestive juices are supposed to completely digest what you consume. If your stomach is working right, the probiotics in this type of thing, the bacteria gets killed by those same stomach acids, which is the problem to begin with. If digestion is right, then you wouldn't have to supplement. Nature intended the digestive system to be self perpetuating. If you don't have enough bacteria to keep you regular, you need more than this supplement that you keep on having to buy again and again. Candida also takes over and causes more problems than constipation. Stay away from all grains, they feed candida, fast sugar and candida are sugar junkies. Don't eat sugar in any form. Look up how to kill off the candida and to repopulate your guts with the right balance of bacteria. In the products you take, look for laxative fillers, it can be the laxative that makes you regular, not the bacteria. Find out how to fix the problems with your stomach, cause that's where it all starts. Look up HCI, gastric and pancreatic enzymes, if there's a deficiency of any part of the digestive cascade, that's where it goes wrong.

By Lisa05/28/2009

I actually found it to help me very much. I have had constipation problems for years. This actually has helped me a lot and I feel a lot better and I go every day verses once about 7-10 days. I swear by it. But you can also buy the same thing much cheaper at your local pharmacy like Walgreens. It is behind the counter and you have to ask for it but you get 60 capsules for $10.00 instead of 30. And you should keep it in the friged. You don't need a script for it either. Good luck

By Cricket [201]05/28/2009

It won't hurt you, but speaking from experience, if you do take it, stay close to a bathroom! I was in and out constantly for days!

By Little Suzy [93]05/28/2009

I hope I understood your question.

By Little Suzy [93]05/28/2009

I say no. I listen to a doctor talk show on the radio on Sat. night (WJR) and he says all that cleaning the colon stuff is none sense. Most things for sale on tv for your health are not factual anyway. Especially the fat burning weight reducers and all the other gimmicks for weight loss.

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