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Cigarette Smoke Stains on Cabinets


I have semi gloss, white painted, birch kitchen cabinets that have started to yellow from cigarette smoke. I am wondering how to clean it without creating a dull effect.

Mary Wallace from Mendenhall, MS



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By Jennifer Nelson 1 314 12/01/2005 Flag

Mr. Clean sponges will take off the stains (from painted surfaces) .. and I imagine something like turtle wax would restore the shine.

The sponges are for all surface dirt on woodwork, they are great!

Alexandria, VA

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By Sarah Massey 4 12/01/2005 Flag

i have used clorox clean up on walls and cabinets to remove nicotine stains.

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By Kelly 6 25 12/02/2005 Flag

I have used Scrubbing Bubbles on white cabinets at my mother's house. You can actually see the bubbles lifting the stains off. It's really great!

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By Octopus (Guest Post) 08/20/2006 Flag

Hard to rid your items of this nasty yellow staining.
Use Bleach and hot water with a sponge and scrub like there is no tomorrow!

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By Trisha M MacIntyre 1 06/16/2007 Flag

Wash cabinets with OXYCLEAN, it will not only take the yellowing stains off but will also reduce the odor...let me know how you make out...

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By (Guest Post) 01/21/2008 Flag

We have white birch and nothing was put on them when they were made and the oil from hands and cooking has made a real mess of my cabinets. Would like to know of something to take it off, and put something on to stop this, as i paid a lot to have them made and they look so bad.

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