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Craft Project: Silver Spoon Windchimes

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Finished Wind Chimes

You can use old silver spoons from yard sales and thrift shops to make a windchimes with a beautiful sound.

Approximate Time: 2-3 hours


  • 5 silver (not stainless) spoons
  • 1 wire whisk (Dollar Tree)
  • 18 gauge (or whatever you have around) wire
  • String, cotton yarn or twine
  • Hammer
  • Wire cutter
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Large beads or decorative stone (optional)

Silver Spoon Windchimes Supplies


Flatten the spoons by hammering them against something sturdy like a stone walkway or concrete drive.

Cut the loops of the whisk and use the pliers to curve the outwards and up, with a little loop on the end.

Cut 5 pieces of wire into about 9" to 12" long.

For each spoon, wrap wire tightly around the bottom of the handle and twist to secure.

Wrap the wire loosely around the handle and finish with a loop at the top.

Cut the string into two 8" lengths and 3 9 1/2" lengths.

Attach the string to the whisk "arms", leaving an empty arm in between spoons.

You can add beads or decorative stones wrapped in wire on the empty arms.

Another way: Cut jut 2 loops on the whisk to hold the spoons, with the fifth spoon tied into the center.

I saw this project years ago in a magazine in a crowded doctor's office and didn't feel comfortable ripping the page out. (Might have been different had I been the only one in the waiting room.) I kept an image of those chimes in mind, although who knows how much that image and the magazine picture have in common by now? I got the idea for using the whisk from Mark Montano, a designer on TLC's "While You Were Out."

By the way, the spoons make a lovely bell-like sound when they hit each other.

By Pugi from Ingram, TX


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By marrly02/04/2014

I love this method to make a flatware wind-chime because no drilling is involved.

By Judy = Oklahoma [58]03/13/2010

That's really interesting with the wire whisk, & SO EASY! I have a wind chime I got at a flea around 15 yrs ago,but the guy drilled holes in the handles to hang them. Also, he would buy collector plates (you can find them cheap at goodwill) that have holes around the edges & hang the silver from that. Very pretty, but yours is pretty too & easier!

By Isobel Gregory [11]03/12/2010

Great idea thanks for the information. I will be looking for yard sales.

By carla [1]03/12/2010

It's beautiful! Thank you! We have old spoons from grandmothers and further back that have no mates. What a lovely gift idea for the grandchildren and great grandchildren as a memento. Blessings!

By marg [2]03/12/2010

Thanks for wonderful idea of using the whisk. I've had garage sale gold plated cutlery already flattened & drilled, ready to go since last summer! I think I'll use fishing line too or jewellery wire, if it's thin enough.

By JeanieB [5]03/09/2010

I've always been afraid to try this one without directions, thanks for posting it!

By Pamela [3]03/06/2010

This is a project I plan on trying. Yard sales have just started back in my area and I will be on the lookout for silverware to make one or more of these. Thanks for sharing. I do think I will hang the spoons/forks with fishing line or something that will weather better than yarn or string. Guess where the windchime is hung will have a lot to do with how well the yarn/string would hold up!

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